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  1. A great line and most minutes played. Hard to bench him after this.
  2. Not really. Vanvleet is still DTD, while Westbrook is O.
  3. ESPN fantasy is a joke. Major glitch and they can't fix it in a day.
  4. IT dropped, so chance for Collison to go to Clippers.
  5. Analysts have never been wrong before, right? Btw, which of them was talking about the Westbrook/CP3 trade before it happened?
  6. We had a sportsman of the year ceremony here in Slovenia this evening. Luka was second and his mum came to pick up the reward for him. The host asked about his ankle and she said the sprain is not mild, but expects him to be back soon. After the host asked if this means immediately after the new year, she replied "let's hope so". So that's at least two more weeks.
  7. This was insane. 19 and sooo clutch. Never seen this before.
  8. And he's not just playing gor stats. The Mavs are winning
  9. Says a lot about him as a player when his thread does't catch fire after such a performance and a win against current champions. We're used to it by now and it's been 15 games of his NBA carreer only
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