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  1. Great news overall. Have to imagine with this kind of injury he'll be dealing with it to some extent for a while (anyone who has bruised a rib, strained their core, etc. can tell you). However, it'll hopefully lessen in the next few weeks and he can maintain some semblance of the insane groove he's been in.
  2. Out of curiosity (I honestly don't know) has he been eased along in the past or has he often been injured?
  3. Laureano up to steal #7 already. He's going to be fun to own this year, isn't he?
  4. Hasn’t so far. Looking locked in and on base like crazy. 100% agree - gimme a ++ catcher over a JAG who will play 10-20 more games.
  5. Don't know that I've ever had this much fun following a guy's play-by-play stats. Would've had another absolutely monstrous line tonight if they needed him whatsoever in the 4th.
  6. Has Kanter always had conditioning issues? Saw lots of comments about him not being able to carry a 30+ min workload once Nurkic went down. Hard to complain with the numbers he's likely to put up in even 26-28 minutes a night (gotta think at bare minimum like 13-14 ppg, 12 rpg which is already money in the bank) but didn't know he was notoriously in bad shape or what not.
  7. If he plays even 2 of the 3 remaining games this week, it will have been an absolutely monstrous stretch.
  8. Anyone watching the game know why he's only played 13 mins as of the 4th qtr? Unreal line for that amount of time on the court frankly (14, 11, 4, 3, 2). Can't be foul trouble -- he only has 1 foul.
  9. He had 6 TDs in only 8 games in 2018 and 10 TDs just last year. He's got 23 TDs in 36 starts which is a pretty great rate for a WR. This year they've just been throwing to the TE or pounding the ball in through the running game. He's actually a super shifty WR near the endzone.
  10. He has great instincts, great vision and is fantastic in the open field. Can't complain with the usage tonight (obviously) but it is weird how they'll seem to funnel targets to him in small bunches and then go away from him for entire quarters/halves. As a Rams fan, it's always been a little strange. Either way, he's a solid WR2 ROS. Strange how little they've run for him in the redzone but have to think he ends the season with at least 5-6 TDs and he'll throw in at least another 100 yard game or two.
  11. Same. Andrews is 100% TD dependent at this point. Could well have 2 TDs any given game but Goedert has a chance to see much more usage/yardage IMO, even with PHI getting a bunch of weapons back.
  12. There's 24+ RBs you'd rather have ROS? Fair enough if so, but that seems a little reactionary to me.
  13. High-end RB2 until further notice unfortunately. Team has too many weapons and he doesn't really need to be "featured" often. They are just as likely to run a reverse with Hill or a QB option with Mahomes in the redzone as they are to force it to CEH. The fact that they've scored 25+ the last 3 weeks and he has 0 TDs is fairly indicative. Seems just as likely he ends the year with 5-7 TDs as it does 10-12 TDs. Talented player, but not an elite fantasy option as of now.
  14. Hollywood Brown and Tyreek Hill to combine for 15.5 in standard (I'm hopeful here). CEH and Mark Andrews in 0.5 PPR to outscore Harrison Butker by 31 (not so hopeful here, but anything can happen!)
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