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  1. First game for Blue Jays in Buffalo. Any insight into the field dimensions and what type of park it will be? Hitter’s/pitcher’s park?
  2. Awesome! Was just coming to this thread to ask how he looked today. I have him and started him but didn’t see him pitch. Was hoping to hear that he looked really good.
  3. Lots of sites are saying he's pitching this Sunday at HOU. I'd take Texas again over that matchup.
  4. In my points league, which has pretty standard scoring, he has the 6th most PPG for all hitters: Yelich - 6.3 Trout - 6.1 Bellinger - 6.1 Rendon - 5.8 Springer - 5.6 Y Alvarez - 5.5 Devers - 5.4 Betts - 5.3 Bogaerts - 5.2 F Freeman - 5.2 I doubt he can keep up that pace ROS but that’s some elite company.
  5. Some sites had Patrick Sandoval (a lefty) as the starter for the Angels today. My player note on the ESPN fantasy app says Cole will be the opener for an inning or two but Sandoval will pitch the bulk of the game. That's probably why Winker is heating leadoff (to face Cole) and then hitters 3-9 are all righties. All of this stuff is madness. Openers, bulk pitchers, extreme platoons for every lineup every day.
  6. This guy could be a difference maker down the stretch, particularly in points leagues. Rarely strikes out, can take a walk, hits for power, and has multi-position eligibility in most formats. Trades of Puig and Scooter have cleared the way for plenty of playing time. If he starts regularly against lefties the rest of the way, look out!
  7. Nats announcers just said the Nationals have also acquired Hunter Strickland.
  8. But what if he is a fluke? His value can’t get much higher.
  9. First career grand slam and not a peep in here tonight? Vladdy is getting hot!
  10. Remember that development is not linear. And comparing one player to another has limited value since no two players ever develop in exactly the same way. Vlad hasn’t had the success in his first 250 ABs that many of us were hoping for and I don’t begrudge anyone dropping him in 10- and 12-team redrafts. But he doesn’t all of a sudden suck at hitting the baseball. He’s just not adjusting as quickly as we thought he would. I’m personally holding in my redraft because I can afford to let him sit on my bench, and I’d hate to see him hit .325 with 15 HRs in Aug/Sep on someone else’s roster. I
  11. He looked really really good today. Other than a couple of Wrigley summertime solo shots (at least one was a first pitch ambush by Bryant and Russel’s might have been as well), Sonny was filthy and unhittable. Kept everything down in the zone, induced a ton of ground balls and lots of swing and misses. This is the first time I’ve seen him pitch this year and I was very impressed. He looks confident on the mound and his stuff looks elite. Buy now if you can.
  12. Batting 4th today against the lefty Keuchel with Moustakas and Grandal out of the lineup.
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