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  1. Dude looks pretty legit at the plate to me. One at-bat that stands out was earlier this week when he came in as a pinch hitter against Bieber who was absolutely mowing the White Sox down. Mercedes fouled off a bunch of Bieber’s best offerings and looked completely at home up there against one of the best pitchers in baseball. I think he ended up grounding out but I came away from that AB feeling like this guy might just be here to stay.
  2. I read a couple of weeks ago that the plan was to have Robles mostly hit leadoff but occasionally Davey Martinez was going to have him hit 9th depending on matchups. I think the Nats prefer Turner at 2 and Soto at 3 and desperately want Robles to succeed as their leadoff hitter.
  3. Bieber is pitching against KC today. Yaba Da Baddoo is facing Maeda.
  4. Some interesting lineup developments, including Josh Rojas leading off for ARI today. No idea if Josh Fuentes (COL) has any talent but is hitting 2nd against a lefty today. Might be a good scoop up in super deep leagues.
  5. To be fair, it's been a pretty short career so far and using an average doesn't tell the complete story. He pitched 93 innings in his age 22 and 23 seasons (2017-18) with a 1.11 whip. He pitched 39 innings in 2019-20 with a roughly 1.75 whip. I'm not sure it would be wise to combine those two extremes and says he's a 1.32 WHIP type of pitcher. From what I've read, he was dealing with injuries, weight issues, and family issues over the last couple of years. This year he looks trimmer and he looks filthy on the mound.
  6. I'm not sure if Jose Alvarado on the Phillies has been mentioned here yet but he's been throwing 99+ gas, has lost a ton of weight, and looks a lot like the filthy reliever he was a couple of years ago. He's been in the majors for a while but he's only 25 and has shown he can be elite already. He's the type of RP I love to target early in the year before the hype train gets going. High Ks, good ratios, and in a bullpen situation that isn't settled. My money is on him to lock down the closer role by May and run with it for the foreseeable future.
  7. Maybe I'm just a purist but I see the weekly leagues and the H2H leagues as the fantasy footballization of fantasy baseball. Baseball is a 162-game daily grind and I've always preferred the rotisserie or points leagues where you play every day and the best team that year wins. Breaking it up into artificial/arbitrary weeks seems to be forcing a square peg into a round hole and takes a lot of the skill out of the game, IMO. On the other hand, if these setups attract more people to play fantasy baseball, then I'm ok with it. As far as differences in strategy, if you are new to daily leag
  8. This is definitely a part of why his ADP is low, but in leagues where he is already qualified as an OF this year he's still going super late.
  9. I've been wondering the same thing. I'm seeing him going 65 or later in expert drafts around the likes of Michael Conforto, Max Muncy, and Luke Voit. I get that people are scared off by the injury risk. I think there's also a bit of an Astros discount since everyone hates them for being cheaters (even in the case of Yordan who wasn't around when that was happening). I also think that given his short track record of success, people don't yet realize how elite of a hitter this guy is. The upside is immense. This is an MVP potential bat. High AVG/OBP, 40+ HR power, 200 R/RBIs in that li
  10. I was reading up on him recently and was surprised to learn that he has had an excellent OBP throughout his career. In 469 career minor league games he has a .394 OBP. In 2018 he stole 70 bags in the minors. In 2019 with the Astros, he had a .378 OBP and 8 steals in 128 plate appearances. 2020 was a different story but he never had any regular playing time and seemed to be pressing and elevating the ball, which isn’t the smartest approach for a guy with no power. But if you can bring yourself to see past what was just a weird year, it seems he really could have the on-bas
  11. First game for Blue Jays in Buffalo. Any insight into the field dimensions and what type of park it will be? Hitter’s/pitcher’s park?
  12. Awesome! Was just coming to this thread to ask how he looked today. I have him and started him but didn’t see him pitch. Was hoping to hear that he looked really good.
  13. Lots of sites are saying he's pitching this Sunday at HOU. I'd take Texas again over that matchup.
  14. In my points league, which has pretty standard scoring, he has the 6th most PPG for all hitters: Yelich - 6.3 Trout - 6.1 Bellinger - 6.1 Rendon - 5.8 Springer - 5.6 Y Alvarez - 5.5 Devers - 5.4 Betts - 5.3 Bogaerts - 5.2 F Freeman - 5.2 I doubt he can keep up that pace ROS but that’s some elite company.
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