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  1. Why does he suck so bad? I mean this is flat out retarded
  2. I mean that’s fine, I’m wondering if it’s a multi week absence though. Because then he’s a drop and that’s my main concern so I can pick up someone else.
  3. I guess we’ll just sit around with our dicks in our hand while the Raptors take their time releasing a report
  4. Brandon Knight show. Parade over before it even began. Sorry hopefuls.
  5. Considering it’s Jaylen Brown and he’s softer than Charmin Ultra, I’d be prepared to be without him for multiple games.
  6. What is wrong with this loser? Can’t even do anything against Golden State FFS
  7. He does this every once in awhile. Just disappears.
  8. Calf strain my a**. Dude is a bum. Watch this be a multi game absence.
  9. It’s the most ridiculous shite I’ve ever seen. This season is probably my last for fantasy basketball. It’s not even fun anymore when you can’t have a single week without some BS injury or missed game. It’s absolutely absurd.
  10. I’m so tired of this useless piece of shite who can’t decide if he wants to be an NBA quality player or not.
  11. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything like this a fantasy. A top, elite player losing all value from being traded. Just unheard of.
  12. I should have known better. All it took was Hunter back in the lineup for him to be abysmal again.
  13. Goes from being a first rounder to borderline useless. This is unbelievable.
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