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  1. PPR My Matt ryan & Freeman for R.Wilson and Ajayi? Or Mixon & Lacy for Ajayi? Which one should I push for? Thanks guys
  2. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2738289-david-johnson-wont-return-from-wrist-injury-until-at-least-thanksgiving AT LEAST THANKSGIVING**
  3. I'm happy to have this guy in Dynasty. This guy looks GOOD out there
  4. Yall should have Conner anyways on the bench
  5. These are just rumors and this writer is known to not be accruate. but
  6. Open up that tweet and look who responded. lol
  7. They barely threw the ball but I did like Stafford throwing it up there for Golladay a few times today.
  8. Have you even watched any of his games?? He is not a bad player and he's turned it around ever since he left San Fran
  9. Desperate times man. I got Forset and Dwash as my only options
  10. Its not that hard to pick up an offense as a running back compared to WR. Look at Rodgers when he replaced sims
  11. Washington is banged up. Forsett said he wants the carries and thats why he came to the Lions. I can see him getting the bulk here with Dwash with limited carries Worth the stash but Forsett for this week
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