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  1. Covington is playing better and Derrick White just came back from injury. Would you guys accept the trade if you own Covington?
  2. 1 and 2. I'm in 18 team league. I'd rather hold amd hope for the best than getting half decent in the wire.
  3. I own both Oubre and Covington. I'll keep holding because I don't have a choice. 😢
  4. With Bol Bol and Tacko Fall on the wing spot. That is a good 8 man rotation.
  5. There is no way a flat-earther falls off the edge of the earth.
  6. If someone wants to know his value or trying to sell high. I offered him to get Oubre Jr. I might regret it but I think Oubre Jr. will turn it around soon.
  7. Call me crazy but I think he might legit be a star in his hometown.
  8. Hayes/Jackson backcourt looks real good defensively/offensively than with Wright. If he continue to perform well, he might be the next Christian Wood (fantasy wise) and push Wright off the bench for the starting 2. They should try a starting 5 of Hayes/Jackson/Svi/Grant/Griffin.
  9. I would love to trade drummond for another big that wouldnt hurt my ft%. Who should I target? I can do 2 for 1 to get one big.
  10. That is what I mean. He can punt assist if he trade both Fox and LeVert+hayes for Bigs like Vucevic, Thomas, Lopez to name a few.
  11. Would you like to punt assist? It will work on your team. Try to flip Fox + one for a Center and grab Bazley. You can also flip LeVert + one for higher round player and pick Beasley/Bridges/Powell. Just my thoughts.
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