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  1. Dude can’t catch. He is a bust in real life and fantasy. But then again he’s getting paid millions to be a mediocre WR so I guess he’s winning after all.
  2. The WR version of Derrick Henry! All hype no results!
  3. Most overrated player in the league. An injury prone boom or bust wr2 at best.
  4. He is an earlier version of DeSean Jackson but drafted in the first round - simply a boom or bust WR. He has been maddeningly inconsistent especially for being a first round pick. I am sure many will avoid him next year.
  5. Highly doubtful. See you next year!
  6. Game 1 of week 12 not yet done but you've lost! Shoud have started Keenum man!
  7. Nobody is saying Keenum will win them a Superbowl. He is playing well and you can't admit that because he is not feeding your boy Diggs.
  8. I like how you constantly hate on a QB leading their team to a 9-2 record.
  9. That may be so but I'm sure the Vikings are happy with their record and can sleep at night that Keenum missed a few passes to your boy Diggs. What about all the passes that Thielen caught? Nobody cares about your fantasy team and the 3 points you missed out on. Keenum is winning them games.
  10. There is no problem... Thielen has emerged as a real threat and the Vikings are first in their division. You are just a salty Diggs owner.
  11. LOL @ all the salty Diggs owners hating on Keenum saying he sucks! Last I checked the Vikings are 8-2 (possibly 9-2) and first in their division.
  12. What waiver wire scrub in week 12 are you replacing him with? He’s not droppable. Please stop saying that he is. He is the lead back and gets 15+ touches a week. Volume and opportunity alone makes him undroppable.
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