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  1. It's quite possible they are, but if your two available RBs are averaging 2.6 YPC and 4.6 YPC, why not at least give the latter guy a shot? Powell is, in fact, the only Cardinals back this year averaging over THREE yards a carry, let alone four. And they've given up 11 sacks in two weeks, so it's not like LSH is doing that great a job of keeping his QB upright. He's caught 2 more balls than Powell, so it's not a huge production difference there. I'm fully aware that Powell is no superstar in waiting, and he may ending up falling flat, but it makes no sense to me that the Cardinals aren't at l
  2. Powell couldn't even get in the game for one play. Not even one in garbage time. RBs that get this treatment are ones that cannot be trusted in pass protection. Game over.
  3. I have Powell and my team really needs a RB but I can see the writing on the wall. Whisenhunt is notorious for this. If you get in his doghouse it's over! Hate that guy for how he handled Wells/Hightower from a fantasy perspective
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