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  1. WR - Sutton & Perriman RB - Carson & Fournette TE - Higbee D - Denver Flex - Gurley I don't trust Kupp for the life of me. I am also benching Kupp for Sutton and Perriman
  2. Thanks. And you are right on the money. I am projected to win by 1 point lol
  3. Here is my final line up. Would any of you change anything and why. Standard league thank you
  4. You like Kupp and Sutton over Gordon? Denver in waiver I will try to pick them up
  5. Standard league I have first waiver wire pick and am picking up Perriman
  6. Still missing one WR. I can put in Kupp WR and Sanders flex
  7. Standard league. I somehow made it winning last week with Ertz OT touchdown. Yikes! I have 2 WR spots open and flex open. WR-Kupp WR-Sutton WR-OBJ RB-Miles Sanders I am leaning towards Kupp Sutton WR with Sanders flex but I can't stop but think that OBJ can go off vs Arizona this weekend.
  8. I have Kupp, Sutton, Alshon and OBJ. As of now I have Kupp and Sutton on my starting line up but I just want assurance I am making the right decision benching OBJ and not trusting Alshon in the rain.
  9. 10 player league. Points count as 1. Steals and blocked shots are 3 points each. Triple Doubles are 3 points. I'm thinking Westbrook, Harden Curry are going to be big choices since FG ins't counted towards minus points. Who else should I focus in later rounds. Draymond, Lonzo? First time coming back in 5 years.
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