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  1. What about Prince? Any potential there? Don't keep up with the Cavs, at all. Not a lot of depth at the 3/4. Seems like he's definitely a better option than Osman and, at this point, Okoro...who, statistically, seems to be playing like a 19-year-old rookie.
  2. Ready to offer him a lifetime contract in the Istanbul Penal League. Pay isn't good...but overall, an upgrade from the Knicks.
  3. Fits in well with the Rockets' defensive strategy.
  4. Because for a lot of young players, giving them more time to struggle--especially if they are making the same mistakes or their technique needs to improve--doesn't help them develop. It may even hurt their confidence. A good example is John Collins last year. I had him. He put up decent numbers as it was but everyone kept saying that he was about to explode for the exact same reasons (team is tanking, playing time for the young players is the top priority--30 minutes per game soon!). He wasn't seeing 30 minutes consistently until the last two weeks of the season. Obviously, his
  5. Right....and at the time of drafts, the injury was not expected to be anything significant. I probably wouldn't have drafted him if I had known it would be a month. Obviously, I'm glad that I didn't know at the time.
  6. He averaged 1.6 per game last year in fewer minutes. Look, I'm not saying that he should be averaging more than 2.0 or something. There's no justification for expecting that. But I think it is absolutely fair to expect 1.5. And yes, I think you are right. They will likely normalize. You've seen his rebounding numbers do that over the last several games. I'm just saying that it is fair for roto players to be a little disappointed right now and want more.
  7. He got off to a torrid start early on. I thought he was in for a huge night. I believe he had 4 points, 3 boards, 7 dimes, and a steal when he sat down on the bench in the first. He seems to go through these stretches--often in the middle of the games--where he just disappears.
  8. I think it is fair for roto players to be a little disappointed that he's not doing better than .6 steals + blocks per game. I was certainly expecting more there. That said, I'm H2H...and if he's going to continue to put up scoring and rebounding numbers like this, I'll be plenty happy with my pick.
  9. Damn it. Didn't follow any NBA over the last several days and didn't see that Curry was back. May be a short game for Collins.
  10. I'm confused what you're holding me to. That wasn't a prediction.
  11. I think the lack of consistency is what is driving people crazy. If he were consistently scoring 12-20 points/night to average 16.6, you wouldn't see many complaints--maybe some mild disappointment. The wild fluctuation (six single-digit scoring nights in a month) creates a lot more frustration. And the fact that those games have come in stretches (this week and the first week of Nov) mean that his lack of scoring has probably cost some people one or two games. For all the talk about him not being aggressive enough, if you take out the 1-shot and 3-shot games earlier this month
  12. That's way too complimentary. Blake puts up numbers across the board. Owners would LOVE for him to be a poor man's Blake. In terms of numbers, the worry is that that he's more like a poor man's Dirk.
  13. Obviously, he's just getting his legs back under him....but damn, I would feel a lot more encouraged if I saw a big rebounding number with some steals and blocks next game. I'm not expecting huge things from him in those categories or anything. But he's got to average 7-8 boards/night and put up 1.5 combined in steals/blocks. My concern when I drafted him was that he would play away from the rim too much and only score points. The points will be solid but nowhere near enough to carry him to his expected value without solid rebounding and defensive numbers.
  14. Holding because he's still good enough to roster in a daily league with an outside chance of turning things on. But I'm not expecting things to get much better. I'm expecting one good line every 4 games or so (like he had against Memphis last week), an occasional big game every few weeks (Boston 10 days ago)....but mostly what we've seen the last few games The value you are getting him for where you picked him up is probably fine. I just don't think he's going to amount to the "steal" that I expected.
  15. I have both. It depends on your scoring system, team, and situation. If you flat out couldn't afford to wait on Collins, then yeah, it's fine. Collins will put up better numbers simply because of guaranteed usage. You also have no idea when he will come back. I think Siakam's ceiling for this season (without injuries to others) is probably what you see right now...which is good--just inconsistent usage and minutes (through no fault of his own). Obviously, the shooting percentage has nowhere to go but down but the per game numbers may stay the same. The
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