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  1. Obviously with the caveat on your league setup (number of teams, scoring, etc): I think people on here overestimate how high Collins' ceiling is THIS YEAR. I'm sure he will get more minutes in February or March but without injuries, 24-26 minutes is probably what you're looking at when/if that increase happens and he is better about staying out of foul trouble. If that is worth holding onto him for three more months just depends on your league. I just don't see the monster breakout that people are saying. I think the Hawks see a young big guy who can contribute 17-20 high energy minutes this
  2. Probably not going to be a good night. Nurkic absolutely punked Jokic last year. Looks like the same this year.
  3. I think it's more like finding a $10 on a subway after you lost a $20. You got something back, which is better than nothing, but it's still less. Think improvements in efficiency won't come close to making up for the decreased usage. Dude was 21-6-5 with 1.5 stls and .5 blocks last year. He's not going to come close to that in Milwaukee. Hard to imagine shooting and turnovers improving THAT much.
  4. Of course not. He's a promising player who can contribute now in just his second year on a cheap contract. I don't think that means that Bledsoe isn't going to dramatically cut into his playing time.
  5. Tyreke never really fell off, though. His thing has always been health--either injured or limited while coming back from an injury.
  6. Did you even read? My only complaint about him is minutes. Don't know how much clearer I can be that I think he can be a huge fantasy asset with minutes. I just don't see him getting them anytime soon. He could very well see a jump in numbers by Feb or March. I just don't think it will be worth keeping him on my roster (if someone else is available) for 15 weeks of him playing 20 minutes/night.
  7. I think it's the percentages that have people worried (fortunately I don't have to worry about that). As someone said above, to think he will continue shooting 20 percent behind the arc is ridiculous. That will improve. But I don't think there's any sugar coating how bad he had been before last night. You also have to factor in how heavily games against the celtics x2, okc, and Cleveland (at least their wing defenders) weigh into his numbers. Makes sense. At this point, he strikes me as the guy who will light up bad to average competition and struggle against good.
  8. I think he's got a ton of potential but the minutes aren't there this year barring injury to Dedmon. Obviously, his per minute production is awesome. But that doesn't do much for you in fantasy. Just don't think he's got a high ceiling this season. Think he will eventually be a breakout fantasy guy--but it's maybe a year or two early. As said above, still pretty solid numbers. But he's next on my cut list if I see another big guy.
  9. Haven't watch the Pacers, at all, so I haven't seen much of him. REALLY liked him in college and think he can be a solid starter or great bench player in the right situation. No doubt, with the last name, there's a little bias in thinking he'll be a good player. Even without the last name, he's undeniably a skilled (ambidextrous, great footwork), smart player and has the toughness, as he's always been a good rebounder. He also has that seemingly natural instinct--"nose for the ball"--that seems to put him in the right spot. I think Indiana is a really good fit for hi
  10. Bledsoe has a nice first quarter and then we don't see him until 3 minutes left in the second. That's annoying.
  11. You wanted him to shoot more. He's shooting more. Thank God I play 6 categories. As I've said, he's at his best when he's racking up assists, rebounds, and steals. He's done that the last several games. So, that's good. I haven't really watched much of the Suns this year but looking at their stats because of Bledsoe, they seem like a God awful team not only in terms of result but how they play. They are near the bottom in assists/field goals. Seems like just a bunch of jump shooters who are looking to score one-on-one. That is in such contrast to wh
  12. Problem was more so Booker chucking up jumpers tonight. Dude was 8-of-22 on shot attempts that were not dunks. The other problem was Booker dishing out seven assists. Still, Bledsoe put up 13 shots at scored 16 points. That's pretty much what you expect of him. The six assists is typical, as well. The difference that I keep going back to with him is his defensive numbers. This is my fifth (and probably last) year to have Bledsoe. I picked him up off waivers when he was with the Clippers and have had him since. The steals, blocks, and rebounds are what elevate Ble
  13. I've had him for going on four years now. He's a blast to have on your team when he is rolling. I just don't see much of a reason to expect anything close to this once Warren returns but probably better than before Warren was hurt. The really encouraging thing is that the defensive numbers are coming back up. I don't watch enough of the Suns to know if that has anything to do with Warren out and different rotations/personnel.
  14. Last 5 Games: Putting up 20.4 shots/game and averaging 6.6 assists Before that, he was putting up 11.5 shots/game and 4.8 dimes. He's been shooting at roughly the same clip over the last five games (though much better from three-point range). TJ Warren was putting up almost 17 shots/game before he got hurt. That is a lot of shots that have been freed up, and Bledsoe and Knight have been obvious beneficiaries. The 1-4 record against terrible competition isn't going to provide much justification for continuing with the Bledsoe-centric offense once Warren returns.
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