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  1. I like the Bills for weeks 14 & 15. Both at home vs the Jets and Lions
  2. Broncos at Oakland. Green Bay's defense is banged up I believe. I know it's the Jets but I'd bank on the better overall defense in this case
  3. I'd usually just go for the home team if I'm stuck. But without looking at field advantage, I'd still go NE
  4. NE @ NYJ Buf vs Jax Mia vs Buf for a week 13 stash if you have space All 3 were on bye and are probably available Dallas at home vs Washington and whatever backup QB they're trotting out there
  5. I wouldn't want to be in your position, but I would also hate to be the guy up 50 while still having to play against those three
  6. How did the 31st ranked red zone team convert for 6/6 for TDs. I swore Houston's kicker would be money this week
  7. Philly vs. Jax Or Ind vs. Oak ? Currently own Ind, but Philly got dropped so I may put in a claim for Saturday
  8. Lost by 2. Eli decided to sneak it in himself twice when he had Saquon right behind him.
  9. Indianapolis if you have extra space to stash. They've been underrated and only 5% owned in Yahoo. After NE on Thursday, they have @NYJ with 10 days off followed by Buffalo at home
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