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  1. Think I'm throwing him out there as my WR3 this week. Bridgewater playing should be a positive if Carolina can put up some points.
  2. I think I would do it due to Golladay's injury/contract situation. You will also need Julio to cover your A-Rob bye this week and you were most likely not going to start CEH over Zeke and Connor. Thanks for the help on mine.
  3. Definitely take this. Your WRs are strong and huge upgrade at RB
  4. With your positioning, it's worth going after the upside and Winston's upside could be huge.
  5. 0.5 PPR and need two RBs out of these options: Damien Harris, Kenyan Drake, Gio Bernard, Salvon Ahmed Thanks in advance and please leave a link and I'll return the favor.
  6. 14 team 0.5 PPR. Someone offered me Robby for AB. Thoughts? Please leave a link and I will respond to yours.
  7. Yea you're deep at RB, go with trade 1 and get Boyd.
  8. I'm not too thrilled with Gordon's outlook so I think I'd sit tight
  9. I like trade 1..you get a clear upgrade at WR and throw in two players you probably don't even start.
  10. Yea I think JuJu's value is going to slowly dwindle with the emergence of Chase. I think I'd do this.
  11. Someone has offered me Mostert for CEH. This is a no brainer for me right?
  12. If your RB situation is good, I would trade for any of these WRs. I don't think Leveon goes to the Bears though.
  13. 12 team 0.5 PPR I give up Diontae and Drake for Julio? I’m leaning towards no as it would also leave me very thin at RB but wanted to see some opinions. Thanks and please leave a link.
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