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  1. I'm debating on dropping him for someone who isn't a big unknown at this point of the season. This 6+ week hip injury is concerning... you willing to plug him into a playoffs team and risk him doing nothing? That's my big concern... What kind of hip injury can you get that takes 6+ weeks to heal if it isn't something bad possibly requiring surgery?
  2. There was a at least a couple times where they flanked gordon out wide, and he was wide open, but rivers didn't look his way when under pressure. Rivers should have taken what was given, rather than trying to force the ball further down the field and just lobbing it up like he did multiple times... which led to some of those picks.
  3. The jets might suck, but they are 11th best team in rushing yards allowed per game. And they are the 9th worst team against the pass. But they just traded away Leo, so that may change things some. Just some more info to put things into context for using that game as a test.
  4. Even if he's not getting the majority of the work, it still might be a better situation than teams who are doing ~50/50 splits between backs, like Lindsay and Freeman. Or backs getting the carries, but doing nothing with the bulk of the carries, like Monty. Or being a Gurley owner, getting 5 carries a game...
  5. I don't think its such a crazy idea. 1) it's miami, they will get a huge lead and run the ball to kill clock. It's like a practice game. 2) if gordon and ekeler are the only active backs, is another factor. Ekeler won't get 100% of the work. 3) You have to consider the make up of the team, the current record, and if you can afford to make a potentially risky move. I own him, but I also have Kamara, Lindsay, Hyde, and C.Thompson. so he might be a high risk high reward flex or RB2... Since I may rather start s.shepard in 1/2 point ppr. I'm also 3-0, and off to a bad start wi
  6. He's showing normal projections on my Yahoo team
  7. Yep, he was holding the ball badly while running, a few yards before the fumble.
  8. Seems like the only savior for carolina fantasy players is for cam to get hurt.
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