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  1. 16 team H2H cat league. My team is Haliburton, Lavine, Schroder, oubre, collins, Plumlee, randle, nance, PJ Washington. The 3 players I'm considering dropping are Marcus Morris, Lonnie Walker, and Roby. I'm leaning Roby because I think his production will lessen once Horford returns, but Walker is inconsistent and frustrating. Morris seems to like his role off the bench. I also have a lot of PF/C's so the loss of Roby wouldn't hurt that much. Thoughts?
  2. I would go Trae with the punts you have set up too
  3. If you're getting Shai then this is a definite yes for me.
  4. Yes you should, he's getting looks which will hopefully turn into more consistency sooner rather than later but still worth a stash
  5. I get Bam and Brooks and give up Randle and Haliburton. I'm tempted by this trade because I don't know if Randle can keep this pace up. 16 team H2H eat 9 cats (with DD being a cat) 3 keeper league. My team is: Schroder, Lavine, Brown, Collins, Plumlee, Randle, Oubre, Nance, Haliburton, PJ Washington, Rob Williams Would you do this trade??
  6. Do y'all use discord or groupme for communication? If it's an active league I'm in. email is bigeasyeasler@gmail.com
  7. Anyone have any teams open in a free dynasty or keeper league? Looking for leagues who use groupme or discord for communication and are actually active and competitive.
  8. I'd go with Plumlee since he has little competition at C unless he gets moved. as far as the other two it's tough because I think white will take away opportunities from keldon, but after last night I think I'd have to go keldon
  9. I was also just offered to get Harrell for Plumlee... thoughts on that?
  10. Rui for Wiseman. Stay away from Hassan right now
  11. I think I would rather have Tatum but depends on your team makeup. Help here?
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