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  1. Wow thats F'ed up man. I didn't even know that. Maybe that's why he's attuide is like that now. He shows no emotions while being on the court it doesnt matter if he just totally beasting, great guy man, staying humble and doesnt take his life for granted. If anything this should fuel Leonard more, he knows he's dad would want his son to be ballin in the biggest stage. Go Spurs!
  2. Bingo. I'm pretty much agree completely with the above, and too add to it - if you want to pin this on LeBron, I suppose that is your prerogative, however, look at this stats for this series: 27.5 PPG 7.3 RPG 3.8 APG 2.5 SPG 2.8 3PG (no blocks) on 60%/61%/75% FG/3PT/FT Again, too me, it's more about the Spurs just absolutely wearing out the Heat on offense, draining their energy via ball/player movement, then Heat collectively looked dazed on offense. Also, what more do you really want LeBron to do - those stats are pretty damn good, especially the shooting %'s. Even if he were a bit m
  3. What kinda royalty? Chalmers hasnt done anything for the Heat. Hell simply be unemployed within1-2yrs max. Hes lucky he was with this Miami Heat team. No other team would start this bum hes simply a 10-12min high energy guy off bench, if that. Miami has no choice but to start him, coach likes Cole coming off bench.
  4. Outta curiosity never really cared about Finals MVP, is it the coaches decision to decide who wins it or? ..
  5. Thunder is overrated. My Grizzlies would of beaten them if it wasnt for that ZBO suspension.
  6. I hope TD doesnt retire and Pop stays put. They can make it to the Finals again next year. Leonard is getting better every year. Leonard > paul george
  7. I'm not even a Heat fan I just want a 7 games series Well, if the Heat miraculously win Game 5, maybe...NOT. I am sorry bro. Maybe next year.
  8. Haha this question was just asked at the Press Conference to Pop, and Pops response was: "NEXT QUESTION" HAHAHAHAH, priceless.
  9. HAHAHAHAH there Miami Heat fans go, this time I give em credit at least theres only 3:00 minutes left to the game
  10. I am so happy for the Spurs. TD was confident this year that they will beat them and it sure looks like their going to close out the Heat in Game5 @ San Antonio. Bye bye Miami try to get another all star caliber player next year, and send Wade's bum self to the bench.
  11. What a putback by Leonard. Can anyone take a guess in how long it will take Miami Heat fans to start leaving the arena?
  12. Maaaaaaaan, never thought I would say this but Spurs in 5? I mean it seems that they figured out how to play this Miami defense and how to get clean looks, everything is easy for the Spurs, but still early in the game....I wouldn't doubt LeBron
  13. I dont hate LeBron I think hes an incredible player, I just hate Bosh cus hes an ugly creature and everytime he makes a shot he acts like he just made the shot of his life, just like Westbrook.
  14. Working in the afternoon does suck. That's why I switched up my schedule to mornings.
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