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  1. Check your message on rotoworld. I sent invite link. If you join there are two seats left.
  2. League is filled. There is another league with same settings except for an auction draft at 5pm eastern with seats open.
  3. 2 hours ago, paulielexx said: Jshig33@gmail.com I’ll pay once I get the league invite Sent an invite through leaguesafe and 3spn
  4. What isuckatdfs said. Three QBs would put it at 42 QBs there would be no one available on waivers if your QB is injured.
  5. That is why there is 1 QB and 1 Super flex. You can start anyone when the 2nd QB is on a bye week. With 14 teams, that leaves roughly 4 starting QBs who will be free agents and you can decide to bench your bye week qb, or if your QB is not very good, pick up one of the QBs on a bye week, or make a trade.
  6. Yes, still spots. Payout will be voted on after draft but most likely something like $200-250 winner, $75-100 for 2nd place and $25-50 for 3rd place. These have been the ranges that were voted in to payout in previous seasons.
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