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  1. How can someone with that size be so soft. Jesus.
  2. Rofl. I never get this ww picks man.Always bettin on the wrong horse .Enjoy the ride fellas , 3rd prodution from them wirez
  3. Cuz ive seen him play...hes game doenst translate well to this know nba. Cant defend the chair and cant space the floor.
  4. Whats his ros? Kawhi will be back soon and anderson 2. I want to pick him up but I dont wanna get burn later lol.
  5. Hes going to be a beast but.not this year..not even next yeartbh. Kids game still raw
  6. Boy will be fine but yea hes not performing on his adp..still early season
  7. Looked active. Still some game rust. I expect a big game today. The injury wanst nothing that limited his moves so they will play him
  8. 8 cat , im more interested in points and steals..
  9. I dont understand some posts. You either play in 8man leagues or else I dont know. You have a guy shooting at almost 60% 7/8 reb 10pt and 1.6b since monroe got traded..hows that ww material? Juat ride him man. Hes good for 2 , 3 center spot.
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