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  1. Dascha Polanco being the catcher for a bit certainly livened up my night. Jamie Foxx was hilarious and anything with Tim Kurkjian was awesome. Was definitely entertaining.
  2. Such a cool moment for Nimmo. Seems like a genuinely good guy.
  3. Slower than Tim Wakefield. Just kidding. Or am I?
  4. Goldy with an oppo taco on a fastball up and outside part of the plate from Lugo.
  5. Foot. He tried to walk it off, but went into the dugout and into the clubhouse, it appears.
  6. Battletoads was...very difficult to say the least. I think I made it to the Robo Manus fight and got destroyed. Good times.
  7. Only 5 games. Not too many pitchers going. I guess go baseball? ?
  8. Try your alternate Fox channel. For me, golf is on channel 5. Mets are on 20. I have Optimum, if that helps at all.
  9. It is a pleasure to watch Aaron Nola pitch.
  10. Instead, they watch Lugo blow it. Very strange.
  11. deGrom is a freaking wizard. Harry Houdini type escape artist. Did an amazing job of getting out of a jam.
  12. Not really watching the game. Just listening. Did they just say he walked the pitcher to lead off the inning? Truly priceless.
  13. I look at it this way: if they have an impact on the game, then they have an impact on fantasy. It could be minimal or it could decide the outcome of the game. No harm in arming yourself with some extra knowledge. In my nearly 30 years of watching baseball, I can say this for sure: you don’t hear the names of good umpires very often. Think about it. Everyone knows Angel Hernandez’ name, and it isn’t because he’s good. You tend to hear the bad umps’ names way more often. Food for thought. Edit: BTW, this would all be rendered moot with robot umps.
  14. Ted Barrett. At least I think that’s his name. I feel like this forum needs a topic about umpires and whether they skew towards hitters or pitchers. Would help with making informed lineup decisions. Here is a link to umpire stats on Rotowire. Enjoy! https://www.rotowire.com/daily/mlb/umpire_stats.php
  15. Why do teams keep testing Kole Calhoun’s arm? Lol
  16. Looked like he was gimpy rounding second base. Just saw the replay.
  17. Axford in the 7th. 1 H, 1 K, scoreless inning
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