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  1. Per Schefter it sounds like he’s ready to go tomorrow! https://mobile.twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/1337983055462625280
  2. I would roll with Parker. Dolphins D has been solid but don’t think they’ll be able to stop the Chiefs from scoring so they’ll have to throw.
  3. Sounds like we'll have to see how he feels tomorrow.
  4. Who do I start this week? Stafford vs. Packers Rivers @ Las Vegas
  5. Hope he's healthy enough to play this week. 🤞
  6. Jamaal Williams is considered a "close contact" to confirmed COVID-positive RB AJ Dillon!
  7. Which TE would you rather have ROS in 0.5 PPR?
  8. As soon as we bench him, he'll go off. SMH... SO, I WILL be starting him this week over Hurst. Gut feeling tells me he will go for 80 and a td. LOL
  9. Any updates on Julio? Hope he's able to suit up this week!
  10. If you can do Mixon and Jonnu or Hurst for Drake and Chark i would do it. If you can’t get Chark I wouldn’t mind getting Kupp either as I don’t think he’ll give up Allen Robinson.
  11. IMO, I would’ve stayed put and not made the trades. All the guys you traded away would greatly help your team more than the guys you traded for.
  12. I don’t think I would make the trade. I’d rather hold onto Carson and stay with Hurst. Even if Penny comes back it’ll be Carson’s backfield.
  13. I was offered Kupp and Jonathan Taylor for my OBJ and Jacobs in 0.5 PPR. Which side do you like??? Leave a link.
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