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  1. As I Collison owner, I would def do this. He has no competition for mins and injury history is not as bad as Hill's
  2. H2H 1-win only league, got offered Capela & Dillon Brooks for Brogdon & Darren Collison. I'm not to keen on accepting the trade but wondering if there's anything else to be worked out. FWIW seems like he's trying to position himself as elite assist/guard team My team: Jokic, Dame, M Gasol, Middleton, DSJ, Gordon, Brogdon, Chriss, Collison, Thad Young, Bazemore, Harkless His team: Harden, Myles, Conley, DAR, Capela, Cauley, Dedmon, John Collins, Dedmon, Jamal murray, Kanter, Terr Ross, Taur Prince, Brooks...IR: Rondo
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