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  1. This guy dodged a ton of bullets this draft and his outlook is indeed rosy. However, unless you own him in dynasty or keeper leagues already, every league worth their salt will have caught up by the time fantasy drafts roll around. This guy will not be a bargain then.
  2. Mac Jones is in a tough spot. If he goes #3 to the Niners and performs well, people will say it's because he went to a team with a coach who has had proven success with his playing style and it was a great fit. If he busts, people will say told you so and he never should have gone that high. Mac Jones didn't ask for this though. Two months ago, I'd say he was probably top 20 perhaps? I don't recall exactly but he certainly wasn't being talked about as a top 5 pick. But I remember him being clearly #5 in the pecking order of these QBs. Still don't understand why Niners would have
  3. I think this guy is dynamo for fantasy purposes. Not so much for real life QB. But if he can get 900 and 8-9 TDs rushing, I don't care if he throws the ball terribly. I want him on my team. The only thing difficult right now is the seemingly lack of trust and difference in opinion in him amongst the top brass in the organization. There will be plenty of pundits that debate his fantasy and real life worthiness. I don't care about that. If this guy has the starting job and a long leash, I'm all in. Only problem is it's April and we just don't know. So if you're one of those who
  4. I think most of us crazy enough to be perusing these boards in April and posting in player threads are maybe deciding re keeper options. I know that's why I'm here in the Chase thread. I was excited when Drake left. But my bubble is now burst with Conner. Sure, he still can be a viable flex. And an emergency bye week fill in for a PPR format. But that's not why I keep a guy. I want an every week contributor. I don't want to have to rely on a Conner injury for this guy to be relevant. Could it happen? Sure, and then Chase might be the guy and an awesome keeper pick in hindsight.
  5. Welp. This blurb isn't right. Is the writer saying Connor is likely to be drafted many rounds after Edmonds? Or is he saying Edmonds is likely to be drafted after Connor? Whatever the case, it's not good for Chase in terms of bellcow opportunity. Was hoping the Cards wouldn't draft an RB, but getting a space filling plodder in free agency is just as bad.
  6. I don't think he'll be fantasy relevant in this offense. I think it's more validation of what a great teammate the GOAT is and how everybody wants to play with him. Who wouldn't want to enjoy the twilight of his career playing on a loaded team that is the reigning Super Bowl champion?
  7. I started this thread because I was excited about Dillon's 2021 prospects. Now that Jones has signed, I'm not that excited anymore. As pointed out, if Dillon was this big bruising bag that was an automatic TD every time the Packers got to the 1 yard line, then why wasn't he given the opportunity? Well, it's because Jones is better. The argument that "he was a rookie" doesn't mean that he didn't remember how to hold onto the ball for 12 inches and fall into the end zone. It's because they trusted Jones more. And if they had so much confidence in Dillon that he could do whatever Jones
  8. Are you sure? The two I've looked at has Hurts at 8 and 11, while Stafford is at 12 and 13. But really, there are so many rankings web pages, so many opinions of "fantasy experts", so it really doesn't matter at this time. I am going to say that Hurts will be picked ahead of Stafford in most drafts. He has the ability to be a weekly winner based on his rushing upside and has already shown this. Week 15 against the Cardinals last year, he had 338/3 passing and 11/63/1 rushing. That's 37.82 in 4 point passing TD leagues, and that was the sixth highest single point total from a QB for t
  9. We talking about Lamar here, or we talking about Jalen? I am surprised about the range of opinions of Jalen Hurts. If the Eagles didn't believe in him, then why draft him? If they didn't think he was QB1, then why let Wentz go? Yes, he had a small sample size. He showed he could be productive. Yes, he isn't the most accurate, but he was a rookie playing in his first few professional games. I'm surprised that the talking heads on tv had kept saying things about how the Eagles could look to move on and draft one of these top 5 QBs. Would they be willing to do so after seeing Hu
  10. Does Darnold check down a lot? That's all I'm really interested in as a CMC owner. He had the worst QBR in the league last year. Not much to see here, I think. Jets made the right decision by moving on and then they can take another QB on a rookie deal. I think the Panthers way overpaid here.
  11. Agree. Shouldn't a kid who has played major college ball and now in the pros already know how to throw a football? I guess every professional athlete still needs training and practice, and the more you progress, the better access you get. I hope it is really true that his accuracy will be better and he won't just be a quick look then tuck and run QB. But the Iggles moving out of #6 cements the fact that Hurts will get a chance. He's looking like an amazing keeper option.
  12. With news of the Dolphins trading #3 to SF and then trading back up to get Philly's #6, any hope of a draft pick trade to be able to nab a Justin Fields or Trey Lance seems to be gone. "QB1" may be ok enough for this year where they hope to just be somewhat competitive, but he's not the long term franchise answer. Given how abysmal the Bears are at drafting, even a tanking strategy might not be the answer. This franchise blows.
  13. Watching how he ended the year, I was excited to be jumping on the bandwagon for him this year. But yeah, the Bears are likely going to stink. Immobile Andy Dalton won't help matters and likely Monty would be facing stacked boxes. Damian also just isn't a passing down back, he's proven he can be a three down back. This might be a 50-50 "hot hand" backfield.
  14. Not much reported on the story yet, but it's yet another reminder that even though this guy is an NFL player/budding star, he's still a 20 something kid who goes to bars, hangs out with friends, probably drinks, and as we can see, can get into trouble. I think it's easy for a lot of us to say "if I were an NFL star, I'd steer clear of any trouble and know that I have to be a role model", but we aren't living the dream and not making the dough. Suspension is obviously likely under the personal conduct policy. But who knows how the NFL and Goodell decide which cases to expedite and which
  15. I'm not sure why there is so much pessimism here. Is he a first round bellcow RB? No. But is he still valuable should he retain RB1 status on this team? Of course. He's never really had the chance to be a full time starter. Kliff said last year that he saw Edmonds as a starter in this league. Yes, he flopped in his start against Miami last year with 25-70-0. But he still averaged 4.6 ypc for the season. How quickly people forget his monster 27-126-3 game in 2019. I could see him catching 65-70 passes this year. He had 53 last year and he wasn't even the man. I think he can
  16. When you are a professional athlete, doesn't the team provide a massage therapist for you? Serious question. Isn't that part of your workout regimen? Weights, stretching, ice baths, massage, etc.?
  17. Happy to see Corey Davis go. Seemed like every time I watched a Titans game, Corey Davis was getting the ball and not AJ. I think he will be about a top 25 pick next year. Which probably puts him in the same tier as Keenan Allen or Allen Robinson. He's certainly more explosive than those two, the only question is volume. Keenan and Allen can be target hogs, so in PPR I might favor one of them.
  18. It's a heck of a lot of money for somebody who only caught 41 passes. Yes, he had 8 touchdowns. But 18 of his catches and 5 TDs were in the first four games. I think I recall him being injured a game or two. So perhaps his early success shows that the talent is there. But once again, just like with all Tennessee pass catchers tied to Tannehill, the offensive scheme and reliance on Derrick Henry is a damper on production. Pats were a good landing spot for him. Could have seen him in Buffalo too. Either scenario though, he ends up with a QB who has a propensity to run for those short
  19. Dillon and Jamaal would have made sense, and I'm sure that's why he was drafted by the Packers. It can't be Jones and Dillon, because Dillon doesn't really catch. So in any case, it's a three headed monster again, with Dillon getting the smallest slice. Not fantasy roster worthy except as a pure handcuff. I'm guessing Rodgers stamped his foot down. "I'm the reigning MVP and my championship window is closing. Bring me back Aaron and find me another WR while you're at it." He never would have been a three down workhorse, so spending a keeper selection on him would always have been
  20. Welp. With news of Aaron Jones signing, this guy is not going to be fantasy relevant in 2021. So the Packers drafted this guy to send a message to Jones that he was expendable. Yet then they go back and resign Jones. Just like they wasted a draft pick on Jordan Love. So does this mean Jamaal is gone? Dillon isn't really known for his pass catching. So the likely scenario is that it's still either Jamaal or some other cheaper pass catching back. And Dillon has essentially the same role he had to close out the season, which aside from the one game with big opportunity due to inju
  21. "Rookie QBs love their tight ends."
  22. So what was all the hoopla and speculation about Josina Anderson’s “Welp” text all about? Why did people assume this was about Russell? Never have liked her as a reporter and such a vague text like that is just a self-serving scream for clickbait and attention. She should be better than that. Also don’t understand why Bears media covered the welp as if you say it meant he was going to them. Why couldn’t Raiders coverage do the same?
  23. Ah yes, you're right. He only counts $22M against the cap this year, and then obviously the team is counting on the fact that the cap will balloon with tv deals and the pandemic improving and things going back to normal. My comment I guess is just my general opinion that these ridiculous contracts are indeed ridiculous, but I don't have the athletic talents these guys have and I'm sitting at a desk. I remember when Rickey Henderson signed a $3M per year contract and I thought that was bonkers. How times have changed.
  24. Exactly. Dak played it right. And to still get all the money after a season ending injury? Amazing. Jerry had no choice but to pony up. Dak will make $30M more than Mahomes in the next four years. And THEN, he gets to be a free agent again when presumably these already astronomical salaries will be even higher if anyone can believe that. Today's NFL contracts are all about the guaranteed money. Doesn't matter if you're signed for 12 years when they can decide after a few years they don't want you any more. Dak has some smart advisors. I don't think he's worth the money, but this
  25. LMFAO. My "priority" is to win the lottery, buy a private island, and marry a supermodel. I doubt any of that is going to happen. What exactly could the Bears give up that would even get the Seahawks to not just ignore the trade request like so many fantasy football managers do? It would have to be at least three first round draft picks. I get why Russ would want Chicago. It's a great sports town, he would be revered, the O line isn't bad, and the thought of rescuing a franchise certainly has appeal. But I'm sure he'd rather be competing for championships. He's likely not goi
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