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  1. rough timing but congrats to him. i can see him skipping out one night for the birth. if its not today, probably tomorrow. if we're lucky enough and that baby holds out until thursday, we could have him playing his full schedule this week. just need to tell that baby to hold out until then....
  2. I'd probably hold. It sounds like they are going to re-evaluate him on Mar 22nd. That could mean +/- a week or two depending on that prognosis. I guess it comes down to how confident you feel about going into your following match up. From what you've explained in regards to your scheduling, sounds like you won't have klay for rest of current match up and potentially maybe a week into your next matchup. That being said, I'd probably drop nance if i knew i was going to make it into the finals and have the crew to withhold maybe a week of no klay.
  3. Hell no and if anyone else says otherwise they probably don't care enough to pay attention. I weaseled my way into a championship game a few years back through streaming due to injuries. If other teams don't want to take advantage of the add/drops and available players to maximize games played, that's on them. Streaming is fair game regular season and playoffs.
  4. if you're in a position to lose and need stats, both prince and levert only have 2 games left (with prince playing tonight). if you're allowed to insert a player last minute, i'd go with prince. otherwise, levert would be your best option. gordon doesn't play much in the next couple of days though but i could see someone with a comfortable lead picking him up if they have the space.
  5. barea seems like the obvious drop for collison imo.
  6. i can't believe i picked this dude up. curious to see what his usage will look like when gobert returns.
  7. hard to tell without seeing your team but if you got someone droppable, i'd do it. i've got a personal gripe with gasol after multiple years of injuries but he's a beast otherwise.
  8. part of me things he's not worth the drop but if you really are eyeing on him, i would probably drop chriss then Dinwiddie
  9. man i feel like this is a good deal. middleton is killing it right now even with bledsoe, but i'm not sure how sustainable it would be down the line. you also add in the factor that jabari is set to return at some point before playoffs as well and it looks like a decent trade considering you got some droppable pieces (ingles. lamb, favors).
  10. I'd do it. Collins is a bit of a threat but he comes and goes. Dedmon is still getting solid looks and minutes:
  11. Are you punting anything? I'd go with Jrue as of now. Rondo will fill in that passer role and I feel Jrue will fare much better in a scoring position alongside Rondo than Bledsoe assisting to Giannis/Middleton and crew. HIR:
  12. Just from that information alone, I would hold. After last night, it looks like Rondo/Jrue could work together well. Butler isn't looking good now but feel like he'll get the hang of the team and carve himself a more consistent/better role down the line. Personally, I'd try to move Lowry. not sure what your playoffs look like but i believe toronto has the ****tiest playoff schedule. help? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/684171-use-1-waiver-on-marcus-morris-whir/
  13. Feel like you could stream Lavine/Mitchell depending on how active your league is. I'm in a 12 leaguer and Lavine is still on the wire. help?
  14. I'd consider THJ/Wiggins. THJ finally warming up and his scoring seems to be on the higher end. help?
  15. Someone just dropped Marcus Morris and I'm really tempted to blow my #1 waiver pick on him. Probably going to drop Bobby/RoLo for him due to overcrowding PF/C position. You think he's worth the add over Bobby/RoLo or someone else I have on my squad currently? I'm definitely going to hold until I see his performance tonight but wanted to get some thoughts. Post your link and I'll gladly help. Some other notable none waiver wire pickups: MKG, Aminu, Jamychal Green My Team: 12 Team H2H 9 Cat. Darren Collison Ind - PG,SG Damian Lillard Por
  16. i have trouble dropping healthy players i drafted before my 10th so im going to hold him for a bit longer. i also hate myself and my life choices so i guess it can't get any worse.
  17. i thought THJ was going to have a breakout season. big money, no melo. shouldn't have smoked so much.
  18. Thanks, totally feel the same about LAL's situation. Some notable FA's from my POV would be: Belinelli Danny Green T.Ross MKG Dillon Brooks
  19. ingram but i've always been a little hurt by drafting RHJ last year. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/678142-drop-taj-or-dedmon-for-nance-whir/
  20. I'd say you can hold off from making any moves after Willy's first game. He wasn't in any major rotation and didn't produce much with the limited minutes. Lakers front court is just as packed so as of now I feel like it wouldn't be much of an upgrade in any aspect. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/678142-drop-taj-or-dedmon-for-nance-whir/
  21. Feel like Taj was getting good looks but wasn't sinking them and seems to just be a bit more of a defensive presence than anything else (Also team just seems to offensively crowded that they don't need him as an option often). I'm also worried about Collins taking over Dedmon minutes if Dedmon can't show up. Think any of these two players are worth dropping for Nance in the overcrowded Lakers front court? WHIR
  22. that was painful to watch. he had some foul trouble to start but just couldnt get any offense going. looks like KP was the go to all night with THJ being an afterthought.
  23. tough call with chicago front court being all messed up. i'd say for the short term willy is probably the better stream but markkanen will lose value when portis returns and further lose value when mirotic returns.
  24. i would say barton easily. he did work when he started for harris's injury and continued to be a major presence on the bench after harris's return. with the way the nuggets are, could easily see him carving out ~30mpg.
  25. tough one, i like monroe but jkidd doesn't for w/e reason. but i also dont think anyone is in a rush to pick collins up after his first performance which could be attributed to ersans foul troubles. for ros, prolly collins if you feel like taking a little gamble but monroe if you wanna play it a bit safer.
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