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  1. Rolling with Claypool this week, not super confident in the start but he's gotten 8-10 targets each week for the past 6 weeks, so the opportunity is there.
  2. I really like him this week, rolling with Tannehill personally but just wanted to say that every time I've watched Trubs play the Lions he's looked like Drew Brees. He's got their number.
  3. That's true, but Sanders has had some very ugly drops too. Still rolling with him this week, hoping he breaks a long run.
  4. I'm honestly a little surprised to see JJ ranked so highly across the board. I might regret this, but I'm benching him this week against the Jags. I imagine game script will favor the run game, we may see Cousins throw only 20 passes or so. I'd also like to see JJ get some red zone targets while Thielen is playing. Irv Smith being out gives me some hope that JJ will get some more work, but I think I'll go against the grain and roll with Claypool this week.
  5. Rumors that Jalen Hurts will be starting at QB for the Eagles. Not sure hat's good news for Goedert. I'd lean Hurst and hope Ryan has a bounce back game
  6. I wouldn't drop anyone on your team for Henry's handcuff. If you absolutely have to I'd drop either a QB or TE, I don't think it's sensible to be 2 deep at WR. Goedert would be my first drop, then Hill. But again, I'd just let his handcuff stay on the wire.
  7. Ekeler has higher upside in my opinion. They've got a tough matchup against the Bills, they activated him for a reason I expect.
  8. I like Fitz and Carr personally. I really think Fitz has some high upside today, but Carr also has a plus matchup. I'd roll Carr if you need a solid floor, Fitz if you need a high ceiling.
  9. Ryan is probably due for a solid bounce back game this week. I've also seen reports that Jalen Hurts might start at QB for the Eagles so I'm gonna say bench Fulgham.
  10. I'd say Fitzmagic = Carr > Ryan Depends how much you want to gamble today. I like Fitzmagic personally, but Carr is probably the safer play and has a great matchup too. I'd say if you need a big game, go Fitz. Need a high floor go Carr.
  11. Leaning Murray right now, kind of need a big game tho and I'm wondering who has the most upside. Just noticed Wilkins is also sitting on the wire, might be worth considering too
  12. Thielen lines up out of the slot often, so I believe Jefferson has actually faced #1 CB's.
  13. Gilmore ruled out, great news for Diggs owners.
  14. Myles Jack is out, good news for the Chargers run game.
  15. What are folks thoughts on the weather in Denver this weekend? Seeing reports of 6+ inches of snow throughout the day. Not a great look for Fant. Excited to watch the game though, love me some snow games!
  16. Got no choice but to start him this week with Sanders out and Taylor on bye. Feeling cautiously optimistic though, imagine there will be a lot of rushes to go around against the Jags. Well, I'm hoping at least.
  17. I dropped Bullock for him, think Koo the better play this week and going forward. Feels like the Bengals offense is slowly beginning to click, expecting less field goal opportunities for Bullock in the future. I could be wrong, just my observations from watching parts of a few games.
  18. If Myles Jack is out I think DJ is a good start.
  19. Anyone nervous about him being shadowed by Marlon Humphrey this week?
  20. How did JT look in pass protection? That may be a factor in how they split the snaps going forward.
  21. That sucks. But on the plus side he's getting red zone targets!
  22. Didn't catch the Pats game, but his stat line wasn't too impressive. Anyone see how he looked today?
  23. Leaning towards starting Larry today, Saints are missing their top slot corner and their backup slot corner. He could feast today.
  24. How is everyone feeling about Watkins this week? He's lining up against AJ Bouye, not the most ideal match up.
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