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  1. πŸ‘ winds are my biggest concern and 8-13 isn't bad, hoping for a high scoring game for all except Aaron Jones πŸ˜‚
  2. FWIW I follow a few of the better industry experts - Pat Fitzmaurice has him #12 STD and #11 0.5 PPR. Waiting to see what Koerner has to say tomorrow (he ranked Fournette a Mid-RB2 last week and it worked out). This all makes sense considering he dominated carries and had 1 more target than McCoy + Vaughn combined, and he's playing against a bottom 3 run D with the head coach, DC and some other defensive assistants possibly out.
  3. He was back in, they showed him calling for a flag on the pass to claypool
  4. umm... what if the Steelers lose tonight? Their offense looks like ****
  5. Playing against BUF defense and I'm terrified of Drew Lock
  6. the app says - "This NFL Network game is only available to stream here using a cellular network due to rights restrictions. Please turn off Wi-Fi to watch"
  7. Yahoo app but you have to turn off wifi & use your data plan Fubotv, sign up for a 7 day free trial
  8. 2.8/34/0.8 in 5 games when MT was out earlier this year - definitely streamable
  9. Point taken. However 3 of the 4 games were competitive and when games aren't, like the Chicago & NE games, he's been disappointing. I don't think this game will be competitive.
  10. He’s ranked as a borderline wr1, but I’m concerned gamescript will be like last week with the Rams relying on the run and playing lights out defense. Essentially he’ll have 1/2 the game to accumulate stats... someone talk me out of benching him? πŸ™
  11. Mostert and McKinnon were more than serviceable earlier in the season & Wilson had his own multiple TD games. If Wilson gets the backfield all to himself against DAL he'd be a low end RB1
  12. Monitoring: 27-8 mph winds in Cleveland 28-9 mph winds in Green Bay
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