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  1. If you're playing in a Yahoo Public League, it is against the rules and could get your team frozen or potentially your account suspended. They don't police private leagues though. From Yahoo's website: Fair play rules Yahoo requires all managers agree to some basic rules to keep things fair. Don't engage in any collusive action. Don't drop or dump players from their team with malicious intent. Don't take any action where its purpose would hinder fair play in the league. Don't make roster moves that will intentionally hamper the play of other managers
  2. The only change we made mid-season was putting in the caveat that if a game is pushed by to Monday/Tuesday like what happened with KC/NE, and the game is subsequently canceled after the Sunday games have already started, then the following is allowed: Prior to the Sunday games beginning, if you submit a list of specific substitute players that are on your roster as of the first Sunday morning game, and the re-scheduled game is subsequently canceled, the commish will retroactively replace the players from the now-canceled game with the listed players. So for example I had Mahomes,
  3. I haven’t seen a team as affected as mine is in my bigger money keeper league: Mahomes, CEH, Conner, JuJu, Hardman (we play with return yards), Butker, KC Def. It’s almost comical. We’re just treating everyone as injured but my fear is that the game isn’t officially canceled until after the Sunday games have started. So I’ve requested that I can provide a list of players on my roster who I would start in place of the KC guys in case the game is canceled after the Sunday games start who can then be retroactively put into their places. I don’t even know if that is possible on Yaho
  4. I agree. I have him in three out of four of my leagues. The only league where it's a question for me is one where my other options are Edelman and Diontae Johnson (full point PPR). But for now I have him locked in there too.
  5. Full Point PPR Pick one: Devante Parker, Edelman, Diontae Johnson I like them all. Can't decide. Ridley is my other starter.
  6. Just from the last page of comments... So I think there are plenty who think he is going to have a large role regardless of Mostert's health. That's not to say I don't think McKinnon is a great add. I think he has a big week in week 3 with the potential to continue to beast with a Mostert injury. I would prefer Davis as an add only because of the rampant injuries you can never have enough RB's, especially one who should be starting for the next 4-6 weeks. That's a huge chunk of the fantasy season. Dynasty/Keeper I would prefer McKinnon if your focus is o
  7. He's looked dynamic on his limited touches. In this offensive scheme I could see him beasting as long as he is given the opportunity. But Mostert is no slouch. He recorded the fastest speed of any player over the past five years in his opening play TD run (yes higher than Tyreek, Hardman, etc.). He broke his own record from last season. So if he comes back healthy after one week, I see him slotting back in as the primary ball carrier. Maybe McKinnon gets some more run to try and keep Mostert healthy, but I don't see him getting the majority of touches without a Mostert injury.
  8. I don’t know what to say. I watched the game. He tried to come back in for a play but was visibly limping badly after he went out for a short pass (but was not targeted). Maybe he stayed in for one more play but my recollection was that he went off after the play where he was limping around after the whistle.
  9. After he got injured/hurt they took him out for a series or two. Then he came back in for a play and was limping badly around the field. He was immediately taken back out. So either he was faking an injury (would be really stupid of him to do that) or he was actually injured/hurt.
  10. I'm still a big Stafford fan. I would take him over the options being discussed in the last few posts. It's worth noting that he should have had another TD last week as Swift had an egregious drop in the end zone on the second-to-last play of the game.
  11. I normally don't, but it makes sense if you missed out on a guy you covet. I really wanted Hurst so I just traded Chark and Hooper for D. Parker and Hurst in full point PPR. I also had a surplus of talent/value in one league and was trying to package an RB/WR for Kelce (the guy also had Kittle). But he didn't bite. But generally I like to see how my guys pan out.
  12. Was able to target effectively across 4 leagues: Ridley, D. Parker, Haden Hurst, Stafford, Carson, JuJu, Drake, D. Jax, Slayton, Henry I was able to get 2-3 shares of each of those guys (Stafford in all four where he's the backup in three of them). I never had a pick above 7 so I missed out on a lot of the top ranked RB's. Henry feel to me twice, once in standard. I would have like to have even more shares of Drake (only had two). I didn't whiff on anyone I really wanted.
  13. He’s my backup or co-starter in all of my leagues. Looked really nice last year and they added weapons. (19 TD’s and 2500 yards in 8 games).
  14. I would take that trade on value alone. Taylor might be a rockstar, but I see it as a shared backfield to start the season. And there it isn't known if/when he will take over as the bellcow. I think he's being draft about two rounds too early. Also, Gesicki got beat out at TE on his own team. https://www.palmbeachpost.com/story/sports/nfl/2020/09/07/miami-dolphins-depth-chart-what-we-learned-tua-tagovailoa/5741432002/ Edit: Apparently, Gesicki was listed as the number 2 tight end most of last year as well since he isn't in on many blocking downs, so disregard the im
  15. I really like Ridley this year, but not everyone does. I was able to grab him at 47 and 53 in two of my leagues (one PPR and one standard). For me he was someone I noted as probably outperforming their ADP and I didn’t feel the need to reach and let him fall to me at a bargain. If you feel like you need him on your team, then reach a bit, but if you just really like him I think he can be had as a bargain. Many drafters don’t think of him as a sexy pick with Julio there. My ten team full point PPR league played out interestingly. I went RB, RB, RB against the grain (Cook, Drake, Carso
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