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  1. yo! im starting this guy over odell this week. matchup Juicy for stills [...]
  2. this guy gets the godwin and the juju treatment when AB was still on the team. I traded for this guy. I am all all in.
  3. going to the chargers is a nail in the coffin for MG. The disrespect.
  4. this dude is gonna have a field day this week. Book it 30+ points.
  5. yes, Im starting this guy over Mike Williams who sees 4 to 5 targets a week. No thanks man! I got this guy for free this morning, people sleeping on a dude and i feel confident.
  6. Although slay maybe on him, the targets will not be denied. Follow the targets boys! He had 11 Targets in week 2, Alshon/Djax out.
  7. Cam is not 100%, dude was throwing to John Cena TNF, if he was healthy, he would have taken the leap of faith like he usually does on the 1 yard goal. I actually think the new QB is an upgrade compare to the gimpy newton. Olsen is going to get 10+ target again if not more.
  8. this is the gamble im willing to take, he only needs 1 to take it home. 20+ targets in two weeks!
  9. At this point i rather have polard at 6th, save me the headache. Then i would be very happy yoinking polard at 6 or 7th. YOINK!!
  10. thats it, with olsen/walker out for a signicant time, this guy is gonna destroy FA bidding.
  11. Spending 10% on a second TE, i have burton. Those targets lastnight arent going away and he looks like the best catcher out there. Lets cook bois!
  12. 6th round is good overall and anything less is paying too much.
  13. not sure if we can depend on the source.
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