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  1. I think Rubio needs to be benched until his second half playstyle emerges.
  2. Interesting I have him and Whiteside so Im kind of in a weird spot. Hope one gets traded.
  3. Stashing him for later in the season. If he can give 15-17 ppg off the bench with decent efficiency and some assists I’ll be happy. I know it’s asking a lot, but you never know. He was a 29 ppg guy just a couple years ago.
  4. Games like this are why I can’t drop him in a 10 team league.
  5. 6 stocks and awesome stats across the board. What a night.
  6. Bless the person that dropped him so he could fall into my hands just as he broke out this year.
  7. One of the waiver wire pickups of the year. Bless this man.
  8. Sigh sorry to see this dude go down. I tuned in to Nets games because of him. It was a pleasure owning him and playing like a third rounder for a waiver wire pickup. Get well soon Caris.
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