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  1. Boban off the bench for some shooting and playmaking
  2. Maybe the Cavs can swing a trade for Whiteside and start all 3...
  3. use a Stargate from real life to the fantasy universe
  4. "Indiana Pacers forward Jeremy Lamb sustained a torn left anterior cruciate ligament, a torn lateral meniscus, and a lateral femoral condylar fracture. " I thought I remembered it wasn't just a torn ACL. I have been seeing him added everywhere, and I don't share the optimism that he is going to jump into a rosterable role.
  5. Yes, it's in the app only...makes so much sense! Be warned, my league last season had 2 guys that didn't understand the roto concept of pacing and blew through their GP limits. Their stats continued to accumilate anyway. I brought this to customer care's attention, but nothing was done to rectify it.
  6. Out tonight with a hamstring "irritation". That sounds absolutely brutal #prayersupforTRoss
  7. In Nurse's defense, at least they limited Embiid to 29/15/4/2/2, he was practically invisible. Only 16 free throw attempts? If Boucher had played more we might be looking at twice that...and it all paid off because that Baynes and Len two-headed monster got them the W...oh wait
  8. Last I had read he was "on track to play Sunday". Then the next thing I see is NOPE, make that out two more games.
  9. My Lord was crucified at half time, only to rise from his lockertomb 15 minutes later, fullfilling the prophecy as written in the Basketball Monster projection scriptures.
  10. I drafted him late on damn near every team, thinking I was getting a savvy steal, just terrible.
  11. Sigh..."Ankle stiffness"...how many times will be see the combination of *random body part* + soreness, stiffness, tightness, etc., this season?
  12. Got offered LaMelo Ball for him this morning. If that's any indiciation of how bad he looked God help us all!!!
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