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  1. Lol, unfortunately dont think thats happening.
  2. Man he has been my fantasy pick up savior haha.. glad he's still producing with OG back.
  3. Seems like he got benched? might be a good thing as he thrived as 6th man
  4. This year has been awful for him. much lower FG. Similar to Bertans... defenses are paying a ton more attention to snipers.
  5. I'm glad hes making the most of his opportunities... i doubt he will start this season.. thibs is a very stubborn coach. but I am hoping he gets consistent ~25 minutes.
  6. tank reasons lol. Really wish he comes back... its not like KAT will win that many games for them
  7. Do you guys think he's back? I feel like his miami season was a fluke and he hasnt been really good for the last few years edit: his miami season was only like a couple of years ago. sheesh COVID time.
  8. Really excited for his development. Let's hope Wolves don't mess up a potential gem.
  9. ah I'm so disappointed in myself in not getting him for bazley before the news when I saw him shooting pregame. I hope he kills it. Interested to see how the spurs rotation will be like now.
  10. Do you think he's a long term add potentially?
  11. Dam, he is actually out with an injury and not any covid situation lol, Was kinda shocked to see him out.
  12. Surprised Yahoo does not put the entire Wizards team as INJ since they are missing 3 games...
  13. Lol I added this dude for his 5 games only to have him tank my FG lol, damm it
  14. For sure, I'm the same... I can't drop him cause he's literally one of the few healthy bodies I have... I'm hoping that he improves (3s, maybe more rebs, hopefully some stocks) but it might just be a fantasy dream.
  15. Yeah not much, if any stocks. If you need points he's your guy but for cat leagues, I'd aim for higher upside.
  16. Glad to have him back, my team died from COVID tracing lol
  17. Man I thought when I saw that he had no stats and an "out".. I figured it was COVID protocol until I started seeing the injury updates.. sad
  18. look at the tweets above.. pretty insane how no one is literally looking at the previous posts when its on the same page.edit: (page 3), reply made it to page 4 now.
  19. Really hoping Shai takes the next step this season.. also.. Is yahoo going to update him to PG yet?
  20. He added a 3point shot towards the end of last season and hit a few during the preseason... if hes able to maintain a good FG while hitting 3s, his value would be a lot better.. however, I'm hoping he adds some defensive stats, that will be what makes him valuable.
  21. Cause we dont know if there will be a minutes limit nor if he will reaggravate the injury. The people stashing in IR most likely have a player that is playing very well and have no one else to drop.
  22. That is actually my question as well LOL. Have him stashed, waiting for bad news to occur.
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