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  1. He was doing this last season. Highly underrated fantasy player.
  2. He's good on offense but I guess embiid was right, sometimes he looks like he is walking on sand during defense. Doesn't really challenge at all.
  3. Good thing you are not an NBA talent scout.
  4. So what are the chances he gets shut down?
  5. Is this guy getting minutes with nance gone? I'm thinking if I should hold on to him or go grab nance.
  6. He was so hot yesterday that he got a fever after.
  7. Anybody watched the game? Any reason for the low minutes?
  8. I don't think he'll average more than 1 3ptm anytime soon. He just doesn't take much and he was just on fire tonight so he took them. I'll be happy if he does make them more but I don't think it will happen this year. Maybe next season.
  9. Playing well again. Anything to see here? Or just the match-ups favoring him. They are playing the suns after all
  10. Henson should've been owned in 12 team and up even before the kidd firing imo.
  11. Looks like he took the 8 days off to practice his 3 pt shot. Beasting so far in the first half. Too bad it's a blowout. Hopefully the nets make it interesting in the second half.
  12. Played well tonight. The Lakers were going to him almost the entire 4th quarter. Too bad he didn't have stocks but at least he didn't turn the ball over
  13. He is one the best 3 pt shooters in the league. Don't know why he even hesitates so much. Just keep shooting it.
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