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  1. Yes it's his defense. He's slow and doesn't really make much effort on d. Don't know if it's his conditioning or coming from injury and he's taking it easy.
  2. They should change this topic's name to Avery Bradley 2017-18 season outlook.
  3. He's gotten less minutes with Lowry out. What is going on?
  4. In big/competitive games Kerr just don't trust him enough to use him. I guess it's time to move on
  5. Would've preferred 2 steals more than 10 pts
  6. Their offense is one of the worst offense in the league. They basically just pass the ball around for 22 secs and pass him the ball at the last second and he has no choice but to take the long contested three.
  7. Scoring and rebounding has been down but he's been producing stocks the past few games.
  8. Didn't look too serious. Probably will have it re-taped.
  9. I'm not angry bro. I'm just saying people will always ask and hope for more from their players especially when he is playing well when given minutes. It might not make sense irl but there's a reason this is fantasy basketball and you can't fault owners to want more. I need him because both of my top centers are injured/always injured and my league has two center slots. He might not carry my team to a championship but he can certainly help bring me there or at the least hold the line while the others are recovering.
  10. Jordan bell owners complaining about minutes when he plays well is not stupid. We own him. We want the most minutes and stats we can get from him. What is stupid is you complaining about us complaining. You don't own this forum or you don't own us and from the looks of it you don't own Bell so you don't have stock in this. You can just choose to ignore this topic and post.
  11. You roster him for the stocks, threes and all around stats like Porter Jr lite. Not really going to get a lot of stat in one category but will contribute in everything.
  12. Plays well, gets subbed out. Does he have stamina problems or Kerr just really likes rotating a lot of guys. It's not like he's playing very poorly to sub him out.
  13. Lowry is down and had to be carried off the court. It's happening?
  14. I think both. He's not really allowed to make much mistakes because one mistake and kidd subs him out for maker which then affects his confidence.
  15. He has 2 steals 2 blocks so far tonight. Not bad.
  16. They should've left him in there for garbage time. It's not like they play him a lot of minutes for them to sit him
  17. Dropped him even before the injury. As long as he is not getting stocks and is killing you in fg and turnovers, I don't think he is rosterable unless you're desperate for assists and threes.
  18. It's Luke Walton. Nobody really knows. Even he doesn't know.
  19. He's not even playing. Did he do something while he was in the court? Defensive lapses? Missed rotation?
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