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  1. 9 hours ago, monkeyzonSteroids said:

    Saw him play for the first time today and was wondering if his defense is that bad? He was getting torched out there but I guess Cp3 can make anybody look bad

    Yes it's his defense. He's slow and doesn't really make much effort on d. Don't know if it's his conditioning or coming from injury and he's taking it easy. 

  2. 12 hours ago, JormaJormala said:

    'Make Delon a starter'. What does that mean? Does she want

    him to play more? Is Fred playing more? What if Fred starts and Delon would come off the bench? Then I really look like an idiot.

    Then Fred could get more minutes. So maybe Delon should start, but what

    then if Fred gets more minutes? Then Delon will feel humiliated. 'Make Delon

    a starter'. I got this unbelievable player and this 'starter'-thing

    can ruin me. I got it! I take Lowry back and make him start games. There,

    that's a starter. She can't accuse Delon or Fred being a starter.


  3. 25 minutes ago, Dreams And Dwightmares said:


    I owned and dropped him. 


    Get angry, that's fine. That is your right. I respect your right to do so.


    I don't understand people crying about the clearly best team in the league not winning the championship the way fantasy owners of a fringe player deem correct. 


    I like to pop back in the thread to see if there's a reason to pick him back up. I didn't see anything of merit and made my statement. Maybe he'll be your championship piece though. Hold strong and see this through. 

    I'm not angry bro. I'm just saying people will always ask and hope for more from their players especially when he is playing well when given minutes. It might not make sense irl but there's a reason this is fantasy basketball and you can't fault owners to want more. 


    I need him because both of my top centers are injured/always injured and my league has two center slots. He might not carry my team to a championship but he can certainly help bring me there or at the least hold the line while the others are recovering.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Dreams And Dwightmares said:


    He's not better than his counter parts in limited minutes. No NBA coach would take 15 minutes of Bell over 15 minutes of West for the playoffs in a close game. 


    If he was on the kings and not playing everyone should be complaining. They need to be developing future talent and trading established vets. The warriors are not in the same situation as the Kings though. 


    I like Jordan bell, but the complaining about minutes for a team that is literally on another level of every other team and a shoe in to keep easily winning titles in the NBA is just stupid. 

    Jordan bell owners complaining about minutes when he plays well is not stupid. We own him. We want the most minutes and stats we can get from him.

    What is stupid is you complaining about us complaining. You don't own this forum or you don't own us and from the looks of it you don't own Bell so you don't have stock in this. You can just choose to ignore this topic and post. 

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  5. 1 minute ago, VaTerp said:


    This would be my guess as well.


    Would be nice to get a couple of starts out of Wright and I'll speculate Lowry sits tomorrow.  But beyond that, I'm not counting on him being out long. 


    I watched most of the game and was disappointed by Wright's usage.  It was pretty non existent.  He had a nice block and a tip-in in the 4th.  But was expecting him to be just a little more involved as a playmaker.

    You roster him for the stocks, threes and all around stats like Porter Jr lite. Not really going to get a lot of stat in one category but will contribute in everything. 

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