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  1. They should give him center eligibility already. He's been playing center for them to end games for a few games already
  2. Most likely early third unless he continues to develop and get even better after the all star break then he'll probably go second round. Hoping he drops a couple of rounds in my money redraft league.
  3. Or they just don't know what they are talking about. Anyway, I don't see how bell is not rostered in any competitive standard leagues given his ranking in limited minutes. The ceiling is very high and his current rank ain't too bad either that you can't help but put him in your lineup even though he's only getting less than 20 mins a game.
  4. This guy even hits half court running buzzer beaters.
  5. Good take. But as long as he is producing like he is producing now with the minutes given he is still rosterable in standard leagues.
  6. Playing well again tonight. Even rejected LeBron James though was called for a soft foul.
  7. 4 pts 1 reb 2 ast 2 blocks in less than 4 mins. Stop falling for this guy! Don't be fooled!
  8. Fooling people how? He is ranked 116 with the limited minutes so he is rosterable unless you don't like rebs and stocks or play in a 5 cat league.
  9. I think his line tonight is what you can expect from him most nights given his limited minutes. 6-10 pts 5-8 rebs 2-4 asts 3 stocks with slightly better fg.
  10. I'm Holding until dame comes back. If he's not producing by then, then I'll move on.
  11. Their offense is one of the worst offense in the NBA.
  12. He seems a little hesitant with his moves and his shot. Hopefully he turns it around in the second half like he always does.
  13. 75% shooting! My man! To think that this guy was a fg killer during the beginning of the season (he still is sometimes).
  14. Because he doesn't gamble much. He plays solid hands up defense most of the time. Blocks are trending up though. Hope he keeps it up
  15. This guy is so much better as a starter that I wonder why they even use him off the bench
  16. What happened to this guy? Looks like his value is directly tied down with Mitchell. Both of the games that Mitchell didn't play, Ingles also played bad. Also hasn't been producing steals as of late.
  17. Why are they letting this guy handle the ball? He sucks.
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