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  1. 12 minutes ago, rush007 said:

    Where do you think this guy will be in next year's draft in 9-cat leagues? I'm guessing late second/early third round if he keeps it up like this. He's no.32 in the last two months, and no. 22 in the last month per BBM. Crazy. 

    Most likely early third unless he continues to develop and get even better after the all star break then he'll probably go second round. Hoping he drops a couple of rounds in my money redraft league. 

  2. 5 hours ago, Lifschitz said:

    Boy people have poor memories.. anyway this thread isn't about Ben Wallace but while we're at it Bell is not bad in his own right!

    Or they just don't know what they are talking about. Anyway, I don't see how bell is not rostered in any competitive standard leagues given his ranking in limited minutes. The ceiling is very high and his current rank ain't too bad either that you can't help but put him in your lineup even though he's only getting less than 20 mins a game. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, jiiiggz said:

    My final take on Bell:


    It's pretty crazy to me because no one is denying how talented he is, as I pointed out earlier in this thread. It's pretty evident that he has great per minute stats across the board, especially blocks and steals. I can see why everyone is so hopeful and optimistic. I get it. And no one wants to hear anything otherwise.


    As you saw tonight, Kerr loves to run a deep rotation, and has been for a while. I'm not sure if you guys just started watching Warriors game because of Bell, but it was pretty crystal clear that he was arguably the 9th man off the bench now that Curry is back in the line up. Had Draymond not get ejected with 9 MINUTES left in the 2nd quarter, there's no telling how many minutes Bell would end up before halftime. Again, I think EVERYONE knows Bell's upside, and EVERYONE wants him to succeed and EVERYONE on these forums want Kerr to play him. However, that's just not going to be the case. The Warriors are deep and their slogan #StrengthInNumbers is a real thing. Those counting Bell to have a consistent 15-20 minute role per game, is likely to be disappointed. Yeah, he'll definitely have a 10-12 minute role going forward probably, but is that really enough to carve out top 100 value? That's up to you.


    Those saying "Oh they need him for the playoffs, Oh they need to groom him for pick and roll coverage for the elite players, etc. Oh other teams got better. Houston added CP3. Oh the Spurs." Really? Ask yourself, give yourself a straight 1:1 bet and take Jordan Bell off the Warriors. Whose still the overwhelming favorite to win the title this year?


    And to those calling Kerr an idiot; Really? He's a legit NBA coach who has lead this team to 3 straight finals run with 2 championships. Yes, they have talent, but it also takes a good coach who can handle egos and hold his staff accountable to win. So saying Kerr is an idiot or a bad coach because he's not playing your high upside potential fantasy player, is an INCREDIBLY bad take.


    Lastly; I'm reminded constantly how everyone on these forums only want to hear or read what they want to hear and read. It's amazing that if one person has a legit argument or a debate, people will criticize him or her for "hating" or "Oh you were just late to the party" or "oh if you don't like it then drop"  Um...isn't what this forum is about? to discuss player's outlooks?

    Good take. But as long as he is producing like he is producing now with the minutes given he is still rosterable in standard leagues. 

  4. 27 minutes ago, chaiway said:

    in 31.5min/gm he's avging 0.4/0.3... 

    The 3 combined tonight was definitely a welcome sight... blocks are definitely trending up, i'm not sure why he doesn't get more steals for an active guy.

    In other news everything else has been trending up

    Because he doesn't gamble much. He plays solid hands up defense most of the time. Blocks are trending up though. Hope he keeps it up 

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