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  1. Anyone watching the game? What's with the low shot attempts?
  2. This guy had like 8 pts at the half. Carried the pacers on his back dropping 30 at the 2nd half only to be ruined by bogdanovic. Lol. Should've just held on to the ball they have the lead
  3. I was offered CJ for him and I turned it down. Non-dynasty league. He's just more exciting to own.
  4. Mitchell owners are getting used to having nights like this that it's starting to get boring for them. Lol. But this is what happens to good players in this forum. You know the player is good when people stop posting on their page. It means they're used to it that it doesn't surprise them anymore.
  5. Running out of words to say about this guy. The kid is just very good.
  6. If this game didn't go to overtime, he would've just played 24 mins.
  7. Didn't know I got kuzma jr from the free agency
  8. Beast unleashed! I have no doubt now that this guy will finish a first rounder. Maybe top 20 at the most. Enjoy the ride boys and don't "Unfollow"
  9. The whole jazz team played bad. Sorry guys I jinxed him lol
  10. He is better than Ricky. Better pray that Ricky is the one that is traded.
  11. Trade him or move on guys. Not worth the headache for me. Does this every year.
  12. Clutch three pointer again. Too bad he didn't shoot fts well tonight
  13. Beast. Will probably hover around first round territory the whole season or just wishful thinking?
  14. They will probably start a milos rivers backcourt with Lou coming off the bench. Then they will see who plays better between milos and Lou to see who finishes the game. Doc will not bench his son.
  15. He's back on the bench and looks like he can walk on his own.
  16. Rolled his ankle. Was playing good too. Hope he is OK. Too many injuries already this season
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