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  1. Not bad of a first half. Hopefully he gets 5 steals in the 2nd half lol.
  2. They have an upcoming back to back so I think he is at least worth a stream. I think Teague will sit out at least one of those games. If Teague does play both games I think his minutes will be limited.
  3. Looks lost out there with the 2nd unit. Couple of bad turnovers. Clarkson and Randle taking every shot doesn't help either.
  4. The only thing that can stop him tonight is him being in foul trouble
  5. Worth an add? They have an upcoming back to back so I doubt Teague plays on one or even both of those games if he's coming off on an injury
  6. Was left in the game for a few possessions when the starters went out to probably get that 10th assist but failed to.
  7. Wow. This kid is really good. Plus much much better shot selection. Hope he keeps it up.
  8. This kid looks so much more in control now than he did a few weeks ago.
  9. Playing off the bench is better for him. He gets to play with the opposing team's 2nd unit and gets to feast on them. Plus he plays the 5 off the bench so he gets to blow by most of the centers that aren't fast enough to guard him. Kuzma plays better with the starter imo because he makes his moves off the kick out passes and he needs other players to break down defenses.
  10. LOL lonzo ain't better at fg. Plus he'll kill your fts as well.
  11. Mini bounce back game for him. Stay patient everyone. I would sell high if anyone will bite.
  12. Drop him. I'm sure another player will not hesitate to grab him.
  13. Haven't updated my signature in a few years. Haha. I'll try to update it now. Is it gone? Can't seem to see in my mobile phone that's why I forgot to remove it
  14. Looks like Henson won't be playing tonight. Guess we'll be able to see Thon Maker's defense stretching capabilities, the lack of John Henson's big frame occupying the paint to open up driving lanes for Giannis and Bledsoe's play making abilities. Hold on to your seats guys! (Hopefully, Giannis does play better because obviously, I own him too.)
  15. He plays good d. Doesn't really gamble much for steals and doesn't really attempt to block that much, only challenges well with his hands up. I'll take 20 pts, 2 to 3 3ptm, good fg% and the occasional double digit rebounding from someone I drafted with my last pick in a 12 team league. I know we all hope he could provide more but I ain't complaining.
  16. Hill would've been a must add for me if he's not playing with the kings. That team is a fantasy wasteland. With the amount of guards/wings they have and the amount of blowouts they're going to get, it's a gamble to get him. I don't think the headache is worth it. Hopefully for you guys I'm wrong.
  17. We don't need Joe to score much. I only want maybe 10 pts with a few 3s. What I wanted from him are steals. Which he hasn't given for how many games already.
  18. Too bad, Barton has been playing better than him and I think has better ROS outlook
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