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  1. Playing off the bench is better for him. He gets to play with the opposing team's 2nd unit and gets to feast on them. Plus he plays the 5 off the bench so he gets to blow by most of the centers that aren't fast enough to guard him. Kuzma plays better with the starter imo because he makes his moves off the kick out passes and he needs other players to break down defenses. 

  2. 1 hour ago, bearlucked said:

    man... if a nun played for the lakers she would avg more steals than this guy :(.


    last week, 52/73, 2 3s, and 24/7/2 but still ranked outside of the top 100.


    last 2 weeks, 45/79, 1.4 3s, and 18/7.5/1.5 and ranked outside of top 150...


    i love the points, but damn... this guy went to college at DeMar DeRozan Academy, majoring in Harrison Barnes, minoring in TJ Warren, graduated Summa Cum Laude with Distinctions from the school of Eddy Curry

    He plays good d. Doesn't really gamble much for steals and doesn't really attempt to block that much, only challenges well with his hands up. I'll take 20 pts, 2 to 3 3ptm, good fg% and the occasional double digit rebounding from someone I drafted with my last pick in a 12 team league. I know we all hope he could provide more but I ain't complaining. 

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  3. Hill would've been a must add for me if he's not playing with the kings. That team is a fantasy wasteland. With the amount of guards/wings they have and the amount of blowouts they're going to get, it's a gamble to get him. I don't think the headache is worth it. Hopefully for you guys I'm wrong. 

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