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  1. 58 minutes ago, Purple Hippo said:

    Everyone is saying sell high but what can anyone realistically get from a guy who was picked up from waivers in many leagues? If someone actually nabs a mid rounder for Rodney I'd would have to question the talent level of the league you are in. 

    I don't think you can sell him high on a one on one trade. Best you can do is package him with another player which is what I did. 

  2. 1 hour ago, taenggg said:



    giannis is not a good enough player maker to be facilitating. there's a reason they brought in another ball handler.


    and these hot takes are crazy.


    bledsoe off the bench as 6th man LOL. dont quit your day job coach.


    He doesn't have to facilitate from the top of the key or outside the 3pt line like a pg. He can have it from the post or from the elbows like what they've been doing the first few games. And lol at they brought a ball handler in Bledsoe. I don't think he's a better playmaker than Giannis. He's more of a shooting guard who can't shoot stuck in a pg's body. I would gladly accept Giannis deferring if he can get open drop passes for easy dunks but that's not really happening right. 

  3. 11 minutes ago, FootballFan101 said:


    The acquisition of Bledsoe wasn't a bad move for the Bucks in real life (although certainly not a move that makes them championship caliber in my opinion), but it was a negative for Giannis's fantasy value.


    One of the things I loved about Giannis preseason is that the Bucks didn't really have any other options to run their offense through, especially with Parker injured.  By contrast, Durant and Curry have to share with each other (and with Thompson and Curry), Towns has to share with Butler, Davis has to share with Cousins, Westbrook has to share with George and Anthony.


    Giannis lost some of that edge when the Bucks picked up Bledsoe.  Bledsoe's no star, but he's always looking to shoot (even though he isn't particularly good at it) and doesn't do a good job getting everyone involved for a point guard (never averaged more than 6.3 assists in a season).  Again, like I said before, Giannis is still a top 5 player no matter, but I wish Bledsoe hadn't had been able to whine his way out of the desert.

    Yup. I own Giannis and I'm not happy that they got Bledsoe. I mean Giannis will still be Giannis and will give us monster lines. But everytime I watch their games,  it seems like Bledsoe handles the ball way too much. I still feel like they would be better with Giannis as the facilitator. I just said that it doesn't help us that they've been winning because they will let Bledsoe handle the ball more since they are winning with that. 

  4. 5 minutes ago, FootballFan101 said:


    He's still a top 5 fantasy player overall no matter what, but the acquisition of a selfish score-first point guard in Eric Bledsoe certainly didn't do Giannis any favors.  Giannis is averaging 7 points less per game since the Bledsoe acquisition and his assists have gone down also.

    It doesn't help that they're 4-0 since the acquisition of Bledsoe.

  5. 8 minutes ago, 12345game10 said:

    unless ingles gets more shots, i really do feel like he's a solid sell high. that 5/5 could have easily been a 2/5 and we're looking at a mediocre game AGAIN


    take that with a grain of salt though since i just sold him a few days ago

    Who did you get in return? It's hard to get value in return for him since he's not really a big name player. 

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