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  1. Started the first half hot. Got pulled in the 3rd and at the same time hood got it going and he started deferring. Never really got it going after that. Still, not bad of a line from him though 0 stocks tonight.
  2. This guy literally won me my league last year. His last game performance won me 5 4 over my opponent. For this year, I guess I'll wait a little longer before I'll get him because of competition for minutes. Maybe if he string along a couple of good games then I'll get him. But on my watch list for sure.
  3. Dropped him and haven't looked back. I'll be watching him for sure in case of injury or if I want to stream him when embiid is not playing. But I don't think I can afford to own him in a daily h2h league.
  4. This. I don't get people bashing end of bench guys that overperforms saying he's not this or he's that. We don't expect them to be first or second rounders. But if they go in the top 100 maybe top 50 if we're lucky, then you got yourself a steal from the free agency or from one of your last 2 picks. He will have weaknesses and defencies of course. But that's what you expect from rookies and lower end guys.
  5. They have been shooting poorly the past couple of games. I was just hoping he could have given me at least 2 steals and a 3. Anyway he has done enough for everyone that he should be given a pass when he struggles.
  6. I was actually thinking it would be one of those nights again where he singlehandedly kills my fg. I was preparing myself for the disappointment. I took a little nap and when I woke up boom! What a line! He even managed to redeem his bad shooting. Wow!
  7. He's just so good that even with a nice line like this, I'm still a little disappointed.
  8. Very nice line! So Happy I got him when Monroe got injured. As much as I want him to play 30+ mins, I don't think he is capable of not fouling out before he reaches 30 mins. He bites at every pump fakes and he challenges every shot. More than half of his fouls are probably from pump fakes.
  9. I'd stash him if you can afford it specially if you have an IR slot. He was putting up 3rd to 4th round value before the injury. If ever he comes back and don't perform you can just drop him. But if he produces like pre injury then you got yourself a gem.
  10. Started slow but still finished well. 21/11/1/1/1. He even guarded Giannis as well as anyone can guard him even though Giannis still got his of course. Not bad for a ww pickup or late round pick.
  11. His averages say he makes the same amount of threes as last year but I owned him last year and I feel like he took more threes last year compared to this year. Maybe it's because it's just so much easier for him to post up and drive this year.
  12. Very good game for Mitchell. I feel like he can still improve. It's scary how good he is going to be once the game slows down for him and he starts taking better shots.
  13. They run several plays where he has the ball on the top of the key
  14. Very good game for Henson. This is what happens when he avoids fouling like hell.
  15. Dropped him. If you own embiid you can stash him I guess but his value is too dependent on embiid getting injured. I'd rather own Henson.
  16. He should have pg eligibility since he is their pg. He had one last year right?
  17. Dropped him too. Maybe in a better situation he could be good. But with the kings he'll be madly inconsistent.
  18. Yes. Most of his shots were almost in and about half of his attempts were wide open. Just can't make a bucket tonight. He'll be inconsistent like any rookie but he'll be ok. The coach likes him and he has the green light. He just needs to learn to not force shots specially when he is cold.
  19. He needs to stop biting on every damn fake. That's why he racks up fouls, he jumps every time.
  20. Valentine anyone? A few straight solid games for him
  21. I won't drop him just yet. Clearly, the coach is in love with him and he has the green light and he contributes with stocks and threes. Just need to shoot better.
  22. And... he's back in the game. Hopefully he doesn't sink my fg any further.
  23. The entire jazz team is shooting poorly. Just a bad shooting night for everyone.
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