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  1. I think he can finish as a WR1 with rivers healthy. He’s a no brainer value pick this year coming off a down year. It’s a perfect storm
  2. With the signing of Philip Rivers who is known for slinging the ball deep and taking chances with his #1 WR, I’m expecting positive regression for TY in 2020. Also this will be one of the best O lines Rivers has thrown behind in many years.
  3. I’m just infuriated by this bum Elfrid Payton, not only is he giving me a major dud he’s killing my %s. It’s just been a really shi**y round of playoffs. Norman busted, ayton no INJ designation despite missing 3 straight games. Beasley disappeared. I just don’t get it
  4. Brutal, after Tomorrow’s game it’s drop city for me. Can’t catch a break this week with 3 eggs off the bat. Elf, Norman and Beasley
  5. At this point i just want the INJ so we can throw him in the IR
  6. He’s ruled out tonight. How many games in a row do you need to be out to get “INJ” for yahoo.
  7. I just can’t believe the fact the kid has come in hot the last 3 games in a cake walk matchup and now we’re going to ride Frenchie off the bench. Just a classic Knicks pipe job
  8. Is this real life right now, first round of playoffs and this kid is only getting 4 mins in the first half?
  9. I’m done with him, he’s hitting the wire Tom morning
  10. Is it biyombos turn or zellers? This coach has been giving them 3 game runs the past 2 weeks. I really wanna stream the spot but don’t want to get burned.
  11. Yeah it was down to prince but he went cold. I’m still undecided on the move.
  12. Wow you got bigger stones than me. I’m in a tough matchup so I’m considering it but this tear he’s on is getting ridiculous. Even with FVV potentially coming back they gotta ride the hot hand here
  13. Haha 6 steals total, good call. I still don’t trust him overall like that dud in between those 3 games but excuse me while I go eat my crow lmao.
  14. I really don’t get why they keep pushing this guy despite all the injuries and trades he’s not getting 30 mins a night. They have to just take the L and move on
  15. I disagree on ayton, the suspension was a flukey unforeseen thing. However the ankle issue is reoccurring but that’s the nature of an ankle injury once it starts and you rush it back then you’ll continue to sprain it. He even said it in an interview postgame that he’s been in crutches and a boot on every sprain since that first one early in the season. I think he’s one of the best young bigs, I would be willing to draft him in the 3rd. Jimmy I agree he’s constantly resting because of fickle injuries. He’s DND for me too. Towns is still a top 5 worthy pick next year to me. When he was heal
  16. Yeah I expect his mins to be in that upper 20 range he doesn’t need to be in the 30s to hit monster lines
  17. If your fantasy playoffs start week 21 to 23, I think he’s a lock for all of those games. Capela will be irrelevant, even if he’s cleared late in that chip week you gotta expect heavy min limits and potential B2B resting due to the nature of the injury
  18. He’s definitely a stud but I’m in a predicament. Next week starts 1st round of playoffs he has a 2 game light week, first game is Monday and the next is Saturday at the end of the week. Anyone thinking of cutting after Monday for a 3-4 game rental on BKNets guys stream or am I crazy here?
  19. Yeah i think we dodged a bullet with playoffs for me starting next week and he’s on a light 2 game week. Ps he just got ruled out for tonight. So hopefully he’s back to full strength by next week
  20. He even throws in a couple of 3s too. Really happy this guy is back with a lot of opportunity going into the post season
  21. He’s definitely has the upside to put up great lines as shown by the last 2 games but we can’t just put a blind eye to the avg from the previous 6.
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