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  1. I could see an early taysom pick 6 and the saints having to play from behind, and that could be a problem just like it is for lamar and the ravens. Temps in the 30-40's is a recipe for a big upset
  2. I did the same, except I straight dropped Reed to pick up Rudolph in Hope's today is his late year 2 TD game that comes out of no where, plus the season trend is Reed gets injured in his 3rd game played in a row, and today is his 3rd game since coming back from injury
  3. I agree, denver best home field advantage, saints historically worse on the road. I could see some taysom pick sixes, then a defensive struggle
  4. I'm worried about the guy they brought up from the practice squad, I know it was preseason, but last year the guy put up huge numbers, and with Atlanta having nothing to play for, why not see what he can do
  5. In three years I think Wilkins has one game with over 15 touches, he's never performed when given the chance
  6. Cant remember what game it was, but he broke a couple decent runs for tds, only to have them called back on holding calls. He just needs to get some dump offs and the D to keep it close all 4 quarters
  7. Baltimore DT out, when he's out they give up 160 ypg
  8. I really hate playing this year, I've never dealt with so many commitee backfields
  9. Wilkins has multiple career scores vs titans
  10. Holding until I hear he's out, then dropping for Washington
  11. Get ready to be frustrated, but hopefully for us I'm wrong
  12. Ppr which teammate puts up more points today vs falcons
  13. Colts play Titans next thursday, does that play any roll in this weeks game?
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