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  1. Idk about the henry guy. this trade was proposed to me, not me to him. His other TE is hockenson. Off first glance I dont want to trade because why fix what's not broke but I just wouldn't want to trade the wrong RB and get screwed playoff time
  2. Chubb/moss Lindsay if chubb isn't active
  3. Zeke hasn't been as good with dallas OL in shambles. You do super solidify your WR tho. I say pull trigger but still kinda iffy. Help with mine?
  4. Him: noah fant or christian kirk Me: jk dobbins or ronald jones jr This is ppr and I'm currently in 1st place. My starting RBs are aaron jones/dalvin cook with jamaal williams and dobbins/RoJo as backups. My WR are Metcalf/Robbie Anderson/R Woods/john brown TE is Austin hooper What say you savy FFers?
  5. Tough call but I may lean AJ in this scenario
  6. AJ Brown vs KC Edwards vs Cin (I own Ingram) McKissic/TJohnson vs Bears Who do you like as a sleeper Flex this week? If theres another sleeper you like, post it! drop link and i'll help
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