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  1. He had a wide open drive last second for the tie and go OT (for more stats) but went to the far corner for a 3 try... would have been heroic either way
  2. is the CHA/GS game a go tomorrow? only 1 game postponed for CHA?
  3. Wew i was afraid of that. Was ready to stream Tate for his b2b but hesiTATEd when i saw that matchup.
  4. Will there be another Dallas home game cancellation?
  5. Wow this guy ruined the chance of an OT (once by fouling a red-hot bertans at the 3, and then at the final second) and Murray’s heroics 2x... there could have been more stats...
  6. is it official? i have 2 DET and 1 CHI/CLE players... i should have a big game lead against an injury-riddled team... but so many PPDs erased that...
  7. Cleveland players already have Denver as opponents Friday but not vice-versa. Kinda confusing especially a full slate day...
  8. Still a brick-fest but yeah streaky is an understatement. That was faster than my internet connection.
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