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  1. Oh damn he's out Pascal Siakam (rest, tanking) will not play on Saturday vs. the Cavaliers. More: Josh Lewenberg
  2. Goes toe-to-toe with gobert and produces a nice line... wish he can do it on a normal basis. Or can he only do it against a true center? Only 1 reb in OT though but the stats were good already.
  3. Fantasy gods conspiring against me; planning to kick me out in 3 teams this close to the playoffs! WTF are these games!!!
  4. Plays behind Birch and Bamba... B comes before C after all though...
  5. haha i have lou... and oh crap i just saw my most dying team again... 3 Hawks 🤮
  6. me seeing player after player of mine go to worse places:
  7. haha same. 3/4 of my teams got (and possibly about to be) gutted. the 1 seemingly winner is where i have WCJ, whom i was gonna throw in case the deadline gives the next gem... but he became (hopefully) one... CSB
  8. haha i was quoting the guy who said it could be MPJ for gordon. then read that it was barton. but apparently it's gary harris...
  9. stater or bench? how will it affect MPJ? and also jokic's assists?
  10. yikes. might be bad for both... and i have them both...
  11. According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, the Magic are listening to offers for Nikola Vucevic but would require a "substantial package" in order to move him. Aaron Gordon remains the focus in Orlando, as he is expected to be moved before the deadline. Some teams have reached out the Magic about the possibility of acquiring Vucevic, but the expectation has long been that he will remain in Orlando. If the two-time All-Star were to be moved, Orlando would require a "substantial package" in return. Trading Vucevic would signal the beginning of a long-term rebuild for the Magic franchise.
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