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  1. I'd stay put. Don't like dieng this year that much. Blake will have a great year plus Josh has lots of upside and minutes available. Dray's injury is a question mark anyway plus you don't really need his assists.
  2. If you receive Kawhi.. of course. doubt it will go through though
  3. Of course you do it, but I doubt it will get accepted..
  4. So much hype for this guy.. why did he shoot 39,4% last season playing 30 min's per game? 1/1/1 is nice and all but what %'s are you expecting out of him?
  5. Ingles > Oubre. I'd stay put with your guys... if you need more 3's and steals and better FG% I'd drop Josh Richardson.
  6. Yes most certainly. I'm not taking anything away from his game tonight. But dont forget which team it was against
  7. Go with Noel. Firstly, he's betting on himself to succeed this term as he declined Dallas contract offer and will be a free agent after this season. Secondly, he has no real competition except when Dallas goes small. Look what he did today in under 20 minutes against dedmon who is pretty good defensively. Thirdly, he'll contribute in FG%, reb, blks, steals, low TO and I think his FT wont be too bad, perhaps around 70-75%. That's great for a big guy. Lastly, Randle has Lopez who'll take away some of his production down low. I think he'll be solid and am myself sticking w
  8. I think you're pulling the trigger too fast. Dont find any of hte guys on the WW to be worth it just yet... I liked Harkless last season and I think He'll be fine this season. If you can stomach it, wait!
  9. Drop Baze, get WCS. Firstly, WCS is a candidate to breakout this year. Secondly, WCS has barely any competition in his position. Thirdly, Bazemore has low % in both FT and FG, WCS has great FG% and I think he'll improve his FT% to 70% (similar to baze). Fourthly WCS will get you both blks, steals, rebounds, good fg%, decent supply of points and low TO. That's 5-6 cats. Lastly, if you're already set on 3's (can't see your team), then do this as fast as you can. I think Jay will struggle with % eventually, he isn't a great shooter.. He'll give you probably 1.5 3's and 1 steal per ga
  10. Dude, if you're getting CP3, do it and run!
  11. Murray will get plenty of minutes this season and while he was on the floor last season denver looked great. First game was a dud and if you have the time I'd wait and see. Oubre might have benefitted from Morris being out and Porter having an off game.. his sample size isn't large and he wasn't exactly anything special last season. I'd say stick with Murray for now.
  12. I'd say drop redick for Ingles. Firstly, I loved Ingles last season and after signing his 4y contract with Utah he is bound to be playing lots of minutes. Secondly, you don't have Hayward there anymore so someone has to pick up the shots. Thirdly, he seems to be hungry and has a good motor on defence. Fourthly, You'll lose 0.5-0.8 3's per game, but gain more overall stats plus better steals. Lastly, he'll have Ricky Rubio feeding him for good looks! Keep Chriss, he has upside.
  13. I'd go with Tatum! He'll have plenty of minutes and the culture + playstyle of boston will only benefit him
  14. In our 8 teamer he's on the WW. Will try to pick him up for Bazemore! Come on, fantasy gods, let it happen!
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