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  1. good to know it was caused by the flu. He's usually pretty reliable.
  2. should have 4 blocks, not sure why they took 1 away.
  3. He's looking pretty good on offense. Setting picks and then diving to the rim. Guards are looking for him. He could overtake favors if he keeps it up.
  4. Thought he would be motivated for a revenge game.
  5. Is this guy projected to be good this year? Apparently he could play Wednesday?
  6. Haven't been able to watch an OKC game yet but is the offense running through SGA mainly? boxscore seem to have indicated that CP3 had a good start to the game but the blowout contributed to an early rest day. I'm hoping his assists start trending up but it's not looking good after 3 games.
  7. I thought the DPE got denied. Regardless I believe he was projected to be out ROS. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  8. he's been pretty solid so far. I think he can carve out a role. JV is also very injury prone.
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