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  1. Desclafani, Cobb, Gonzales (might be 1-2 if not for the 6 man rotations) Ross, Pivetta, Sanchez, Duffy, Arihara, Gray, Weaver, Allen.
  2. I have talked with another owner who has very good pitching but in need of hitting, while I am in the reverse spot in this 14-team NL roto league. I'm getting some contributions from players like Josh Harrison that I don't expect to last, but I think I can move McNeil and McCann for a good upgrade, although I prefer just to deal McCann. After McNeil, I only have Harrison and Adrianza 2B eligible, but I also only have Fuentes, Pavan Smith and Slater as 1B eligible, hence Votto is an upgrade. McCann is expendable because I can replace him with Stallings or Vogt. His staff is Kershaw, Darvi
  3. Perez, he smacked another HR today and looks to have found a power stroke again. Keep an eye on Mejia but he's in a platoon until further notice with Zunino. Trevino probably won't hurt you either and I'd grab him after Perez.
  4. Had a really solid outing again, pitched into the 8th with 5ks and had the lead until he surrendered a leadoff solo HR to Sean Murphy. Still faced a few hitters after and ended up going 7.1 IP with only 4 hits and 1 BB. He's keeping the HRs down, not walking guys, and pitching deep into games. Normally I'd say you should shop him and see what he can return before he has a bad outing, but he has some upside to be a real good fantasy starter, for sure. If Carlos Rodon is a hold right now, Boyd is even more so.
  5. Not at all, it's just an Internet conversation, and he's just a clear cut case. I'm sure most early drafters didn't regard him as a flyer but an upside bench ticket. Any player who has yet to prove he's not the guy, in any fantasy sport, has some appeal to a certain type of owner. You might have been forgiven to hold him to this point, too, after Tatis Jr.'s injury. Its also interesting to compare who he may have been drafted over, I am sure some people took him over McMahon, Hampson or India, overlooking his lack of opportunity, for what is perceived upside. I agree he is better than this, t
  6. Just to be clear, I own him nowhere except a deep NL only where I took a flyer on him and would be thrilled to get a dozen combined HRs and steals from him, but I suspect anyone who owned him fell victim to the "shiny new toy" mentality. Sometimes even adults need to be told to put away their toys when they aren't helping.
  7. If its saves league drop Alvarado. Honestly, don't bother with Snydergaard on IL unless you have like 4 spots, you'll wind up having another injury and having to drop him before he's activated. I wouldn't waste the moves if you have any restrictions on them in your league.
  8. I definitely think a demotion is looming without some improvement, and Calhoun projects better than him anyway. I hope he has put being beaned in the face behind him, because that has always worried me with hitters. Even Giancarlo Stanton has never been fully right since that happened to him.
  9. Diamondbacks designated RHP Anthony Swarzak for assignment. The right-hander was off to a rough start in 2021 carrying a 9.64 ERA and 1.71 WHIP over 4 2/3 innings. The Diamondbacks recalled J.B. Bukauskas to take Swarzak's place on the roster. He'll surely latch on somewhere else, but put this guy out to pasture already.
  10. So your latest turn in negotiations is now something like Yelich, either Kelenic or Franco, and either Flaherty or Giolito, for Acuna and your choice of one of those pitchers? If you can pry a little more leverage from him (say he gets to pick the prospect, you choose which ace goes) then I could definitely live with it. Acuna is the clear top player for the foreseeable future, and his price is high sure, but I don't see any reason it will decrease, either. In regards to Yelich, you have to wonder if an up and down season this year doesn't turn him into a Cody Bellinger or Manny Machado type i
  11. Sitting or starting him for his revenge road game against the White Sox next time out?
  12. Playing time is going to remain an issue, and it's tough to argue he's worth keeping around as a bench stash outside of NL only and leagues of 12+. While you have to believe there will be injuries to players like Profar, Cronenworth, Pham and Myers that will open up some opportunities for him, I'd feel better about his ABs if there were an outside chance of him ever getting pressed into OF duty, but it doesn't seem like his arm is good enough. He'll be in the mix, but limited barring a major injury. Owners of his who held and passed on Lowrie, McKinstry are hurting, so if there is another guy
  13. By all means if you can grab JBB in a league that needs saves, fine, but I would rather see something actionable first. There are situations he's a clear add in NL only and 15-team leagues that are just waiver wire wastelands, but I still would reserve that bench spot for someone else in most other scenarios. You're just as likely to hit on vulture saves and wins through streaming if you're an active owner, and a closer injury will occur at some point. I just don't see a rookie taking hold of this messy situation, although Lovullo should take a page from other managers and send him into the lo
  14. I hope he goes deep today at least, that would be a fitting ending. Maybe the Rays will groove him one.
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