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  1. Allow me to take up the Keuchel side here, I quite like him a QS league this season. Tony La Russa is as old school as they come, and I expect veteran pitchers like Lynn, Hendriks and Keuchel to get lots of leash. After Darvish and Hendricks, the starters on your team are going to be challenges to get QS regularly for a variety of reasons. So I'd be considering a way to get another solid QS pitcher, but at what cost I'm not sure without looking deeper at the offense or categories. If this is an OBP league Donaldson is very valuable, and Sano has upside too in most formats. Can you perhaps
  2. For this season I like Walsh in the weekly OBP league, assuming you have no preference for Dozier's multiposition eligibility, but it's splitting hairs to me. Vaughn, Riley, Ohtani after that.
  3. Its obviously a redraft or I wouldn't be asking lol
  4. I could just drop a back end reliever like Rodriguez or Dolis as the obvious move, but the league is a H2H, and I have Abreu at 1B and Nelson Cruz clogging up one of my 2 UTIL spot, so realistically Hosmer and Vaughn would be competing for playing time, so it would make sense maybe to just cut Hosmer, as good as he is. I'm sort of in a bind at the moment until the IL spots are active, as Kole Calhoun and 2 pitchers on my staff will start on IL. With Nick Solak as my only other bench player, I was going to grab a backup C and another hitter then, but I know the ship on Vaughn is sailing once he
  5. For dynasty, he has a 3rd year option for an affordable $14 million so there's no reason to think he won't be around with LA as long as he produces. In redrafts, Turner is always going to be a good value in the middle of that lineup. Even if his performance may dip a bit year to year and he misses some games, his ADP usually dips a round each season too. His re-signing with the Dodgers is a big negative for Edwin Rios this year, however.
  6. I'll take the over...frankly a suspension of some sort should be handed down to Roberts as well. I'm sure there are provisions within the bubble agreement that allow the commissioner to impose a suspension for breaking Covid protocols, and there's no love lost between the two.
  7. How many games is Big Man Fred Rob gonna suspend Tormund Giantsbane to begin 2021??? I expect a 14-day quarantine imposed on JT to begin 2021. What say ye?
  8. Completely agree, and its going to be interesting tonight to see what he does if Kershaw gets into a jam before the 6th in a close game. He obviously managed his bullpen in Game 4 intending to get 6+ from Kershaw in Game 5, but if he sticks with Kershaw too long it could be his undoing. The Dodgers still look good to win in 7, but Roberts is doing everything he can to mismanage their chances.
  9. Wow! This is amazing that the Twins have chosen to call up their #2 prospect to make his MLB debut in an elimination game. Desperate times call for drastic measures and with Buxton out, the Twins have nothing to lose by rolling this guy out there. So, for fantasy owners, even though this has no impact on the 2020 season, but how much does this change his draft stock for next year? He basically is guaranteed to be a very popular mid to late round pick because of this move in my eyes. Even if he strikes out 4 times tonight, people will be all over his bandwagon, and imagine if he actually h
  10. I look at the crux of this team as being open to the option to punt saves in the early-going. You have two very marginal closers in Davis and Harvey (and I think Givens is the closer in BAL) so it seems highly unlikely that both will churn out saves for you. However, if even one of them manages to keep the job-lets say for the sake of argument Davis manages to nail down his first few saves. Now, all of a sudden, Kela fails and Kyle Crick is saving games in PIT. Or Rafael Montero, or Kevin Ginkel...are any of these guys available on waivers? I would survey the landscape and be real about who co
  11. I would be absolutely fine doing this straight up but losing Beiber for Greinke makes it a no for me. Sidebar-despite the fact that some think Vlad's price seems a little high this year, he is one of a handful of players (Alvarez, Keston Hiura also come to mind) who can legitimately move into 2nd round conversation next year. If the shortened season means any of these guys have a lackluster offensive season and they stay at their current price points, I would be all-in to draft Vlad, Bichette, etc. in the 4th/5th round next year.
  12. So you lost Sanchez and Story in place of Muncy and Sean Murphy essentially, a definite downgrade, but by adding Scherzer and Corbin to headline a staff that previously had Brandon Woodruff as its top dog, I'd say you made the necessary moves to make you team better overall. I'm not going too deeply into the keeper results without knowing more about league specifics, but in general it seems fine as long as you can keep Scherzer and he performs at a high level well into next year.
  13. Back to the original post....I'm going to attempt to help without context. If you're asking about Knebel's general value in Yahoo formats, I'd consider him a great under the radar value as a set-up/handcuff. While other more obvious guys like Britton or Treinen will be universally owned, they won't sniff saves behind their established closers unless there is an injury. Meanwhile, Knebel could easily supplant Hader, as the Brewers preferred him as a Swiss army knife. I think he will wind up with more saves at the end of the season than any other reliever not currently being drafted as a closer.
  14. No offense either but I also took this stance about 4 weeks ago...after you asked for advice on every single pick in the draft, now you want to trade every player on your team, I just don't get it.
  15. Pass; it's not a good trade in a re-draft, and a bad move in a dynasty to give up two young players with real upside.
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