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  1. I'm amazed you weren't aware of this rule, but it is often pointed to as another example of why the save is a ridiculous statistic. Because of course with a score of 8-1, Whitlock was just pitching in garbage time and saving the rest of the bullpen. Usually it's a back end middle reliever who gets these kind of saves, so they usually don't effect fantasy much. But Whitlock is owned in many leagues and I'm sure his owners were expecting a few 3-inning variety saves. I think Kopech had one earlier this year too, and I'm sure somewhere in the fantasy landscape there is a league that will come dow
  2. I play in an AL only with one UTIL spot and I have Nelson Cruz there, so what could I do, but I still wish I had picked him up there to be able to trade him. I did get Garcia a few weeks later which was nice. This is why I'm so excited also about Ohtani's OF appearance yesterday.
  3. Who on earth will they replace him with? Caleb Smith? Big loss for the Dbacks and managers, what a bummer 😒
  4. No mention of him yet since the call-up, but he's gotten the main benefit of the Angels releasing Albert Pujols. He's started 7 consecutive games in RF heading into tonight, and produced a couple HRs in that span. He's hit in the minors, he's run a little here and there. This guy has to fend off Marsh and Adell, sure, but they aren't tearing the cover off the ball in AAA and still have their issues. Ward looks right at home right now where is in and probably will move up to 6th before long (Jose Iglesias really Joe Maddon?) so I think this is a guy who can help as a more than just a 4th OF in
  5. All eyes on this forum and across baseball will be on him and Kelenic tomorrow, it should be good. I'll be on the road and unable to watch, which is soooooo disappointing because I can't recall two prospects making their debut in the same game like this. From a fantasy perspective, he's an obvious must add, but I am sure the innings limits and pitch counts will be there somewhat. The Mariners seem committed to the 6-man rotation. Yet I think you have to be more optimistic that Gilbert will get true starters innings in comparison to a case like Shane Mac, McKenzie, other young hurlers who aren'
  6. Melancon nails down a 5 out saves for the Padres, his ERA/WHIP are each at around half of 1. You can't really give up half a hit or half a walk in an inning; you either do or don't. Think about that. Should see Pomeranz in the bottom half of the DH in any save spot.
  7. yeah um if you have either of those guys on your team go after Dozier by all means, he steals a few bags too and you're clearly steals needy. See if Khalil Lee is there instead of Dyson, he could get a week worth of PT and steal some bags this week.
  8. Did any weekly league owners bench him this week? His matchup is at Coors after all. It seems like a trap game but they are a terrible offense these days, missing Cron and using Conor Joe and Matt Adams at 1B. Tough decision, usually the outing following the no-hitter is less than stellar.
  9. He's already showing as active in Yahoo, has There been a transaction at the MLB level yet? This seems like an absolute error on their part.
  10. Thanks greatly for shedding some local insight into the situation, and confirming what I feared. Everyone has to get a piece of the pie, and yet the pie gets stolen from the windowsill because they're arguing over how big each slice is. In the end, they can all point at someone else when the team ultimately leaves. It sounds like they're asking the city to chip in closer to $2.8 billion over a decade, which is not chump change for a major municipality let alone a struggling city like Oakland. In the midst of a recession and pandemic, no less. Just a cold, calculated move by Fisher and MLB. I l
  11. Crick went on IL today and Bednar got 3 Ks in the 8th inning pitching ahead of Rodriguez in a tie game. Looks like a good place to speculate for midseason saves in the NL only and deep leagues, of course not money but its always a sound idea to target those setup guys where closers are likely to get dealt.
  12. He has a super low BABIP right now and is hopefully behind the hand injury, so he's worth it if you need help. Depends on league settings whether either pitcher is fair offer, I'm sure his owner his accept either and I'd lean Pivetta. You may just be able to find someone like Taylor Ward on the wire and just give them a shot instead of trading for Dozier
  13. Also...he's currently the worst ranked offensive player in my deep 2-catcher AL only league, one notch below Andrus (who spurred this diatribe b/c I wanted to see if he truly was the worst hitter thus far), demoted Leody Tavares, DFA'd Tsutsugo and Danny Jansen. 🤮 This after Maldonado finally hit a HR to raise his line to .132/.426 OPS and Jansen had HRs in three straight games. The only reason I keep pointing this out is that Jason Castro would certainly be interesting if he had more PT, and if Maldonado really continues to be this terrible, Castro should hit his way into more ABs as the
  14. Wed, May 12 Yusei Kikuchi recorded a season-high 11 strikeouts over seven innings on Tuesday in a no-decision against the Dodgers. Advice: Kikuchi yielded six hits, including a solo homer to Max Muncy in the fourth inning. He generated a season-high 17 swinging strikes and finished with a 32 percent CSW (called strikes plus whiffs). The 29-year-old southpaw has been on an impressive run of late, completing seven frames, while also allowing three earned runs or fewer in three consecutive starts. Here's the thing, though, Kikuchi didn't finish the seventh inning. It was a great ou
  15. We really need to add downvoting to this forum 🤔
  16. It really seems they are trying to get the public riled up on their behalf, and are banking on the fact that the departure of the Warriors and Raiders will force the City Council into a corner. This is a lot of backdoor politics and bribery going on behind the scenes, but sometimes the bureaucracy can frustrate rich owners and MLB officials who are used to getting whatever they want. They are essentially saying our way or the highway with regards to the waterfront ballpark proposal being the only way they stay. So yeah, this is basically him being the evil owner from "Major League" and trying
  17. From an AZcentral update, this is the stuff you want to read about- • Lovullo said left-hander Madison Bumgarner, who was hit on the right hand by a pitch during his previous start, would not be limited at the plate by the injury. “He’s been launching balls in BP for the past two days,” Lovullo said. “I saw one of the two days of his round on our in-house camera and I thought he looked great.” He's gotta step up and remind Huscar Ynoa and Adrian Houser who the best hitting pitcher in the National League is. His name is Madison Bumgarner, and he once went on a date with a girl named M
  18. Indeed, the last comment on his thread was mine from April 25th saying he's basically universally droppable in redrafts after his HBP in the helmet. He was a fun story in the first week but if he doesn't hit nearly well enough to keep the Suarez SS experiment going. Pretty hard to deny it has affected Eugenio's hitting too.
  19. Yeah but they are playing minor league games now, which is why it is a bit confusing on different fronts. So if Hiura needed personal time they would want him at the alternate site as it wouldn't cost the minor league team a roster spot, etc., and in his case if he is working on more mechanical things they may not want him getting game action right now. I would assume he will have a minor league tuneup before he actually returns to MLB, maybe that's the way to look at it. It almost makes the alternate site seem like a double demotion to pre-K 🙂
  20. From a fantasy perspective, the OF appearance actually is the lead. I mean the outing was great, but he's gonna keep walking guys, it is who he is. He's still must-start every time out anyway, but the possibility of him gaining OF (a long way from happening in most leagues) really boosts his value nicely in just about every format. One of the few arguments against him next year would be the "he clogs up the UTIL spot" line and that would be a moot point. So I'm rooting hard for him to spend a few innings in RF after every pitching performance ends. It's entertaining as hell, too.
  21. Oh yeah, Clevinger is in San Diego now duh. Well whatever it doesn't really change my point, I have no real knowledge about the inner workings of any MLB clubhouse.
  22. WTH is going on here, that they even played last night's game in the first place? I saw the pregame Zoom in which Tingler announced FTJr.'s diagnosis, and he referenced a "scary situation" the previous week with contact tracing, which I believe involved Chris Paddack? This was a horrible call by whomever was responsible. We've already seen countless players have a short IL stint of a day or two across MLB. People have concluded that teams are abusing this with regards to pitchers, which shows our society's current predisposition to find a conspiracy behind EVERYTHING. Presumably these are
  23. As much as people think teams are abusing the COVID IL this year (which I think is a bit of a stretch because it involves numerous team officials and players outright lying to MLB's contact tracers, there is a difference between abundance of caution and conspiracy folks) I wonder if the Alternate Site is not a way to sort of shield players like Hiura from having to grind it out in AAA. Its a demotion, for sure, but they don't have to subject him to more scrutiny than necessary. Its tougher to monitor his progress of course. As someone who lost a parent to cancer, I am sure the situation w
  24. I mentioned him as well in my Oakland A's thread last night (would appreciate some responses there) and asked if he was being considered for SS, since Andrus has been a black hole in the lineup. Still, I don't see them releasing Andrus, more likely Machin is demoted, and Andrus will still play a few times a week for his glove. The other problem is that the only guys in the As lineup who are hitting ATM is the RF platoon of Piscotty/Brown and that is one of the other spots Pinder would play. I'm sure the A's would like to give Lowrie a blow more often too, so I'm sure Chad will find his way int
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