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  1. I have exactly this question to answer in the next 45 mins. Although Daniel Jones is playing, so there's that.
  2. Yeah, had Woods but thankfully only up against the Rams D. Thing is - and rant is - that might mean I’ve played against the top scoring defense four weeks in a row. I fricking hate losing to a DEF and this one might cost me a chance of the title - fortunately I still came through in the last three weeks (even against the Pats). Can just one defense please screw it up against me? Please?
  3. You could do it last year, can confirm.
  4. It's the standard setting on Yahoo. It means that if a player is ruled out just before a game - for pretty much any reason - you can stick them in your IR spot and pick up somebody. You just need to be aware that they will revert to Questionable (or whatever) before waivers run. At that point, you have somebody in your IR spot who's no longer eligible for IR, and that stops you from making any roster changes/waiver wire pickups. You need to drop somebody to make any changes. Not everyone is aware of this, just as not everyone is aware that on Yahoo (and some other sites) you can drop benc
  5. I feel like I often read some variation on this, and it's a bit glib. You can have a very good team but still hope for a Christmas miracle. It's when you NEED a Christmas miracle that you're in trouble. Lots of people will be considering whether to pick up Akers in a bench spot and just see what happens. No matter how good your team is, if you suddenly have a young, hungry, talented RB given the lead role in weeks 15/16...and he's in your last FLEX spot? That's ace.
  6. After a miraculous win in week 8 when the other guy traded himself into a loss, I was sitting reasonably pretty at 5-3 with a decent schedule. Week 9, switch just before kickoff cost me the game. Week 10, switching that player back onto the bench cost me the game. Week 11, Derrick Henry OT madness cost me the game. 5-6 in incredibly frustrating circumstances. Still, it's a competitive league, I have good points-for and 7-6 should get me into the playoffs. Also, I'd had Dobbins riding the pine and now was his moment. I'm playing the bottom team this week. He's lost the last five games. His
  7. Said this for years. Trouble is, it's so damn hard to do if you're not doing anything else on a Sunday. Plus I'm superstitiously not turning off my Yahoo alerts because they were on while I had a huge comeback win in the Grand Final last year. It's absolutely the single best thing you can do to remove FF stress though.
  8. So I absolutely used up all my karma here. The win took me to 5-3, in a league where 7-6 and good points-for should make the playoffs. The next week I benched Chark for Beasley (in the last hour before kick-off), and it cost me the game. The week after I benched Beasley for Amendola...and it cost me the game again. Last week that one Derrick Henry OT TD cost me the game. Now I'm 5-6, in the last-chance saloon, with JK Dobbins almost certainly missing the last two regular season games. C'est la vie.
  9. At this point, it's somewhat tempting to drop him just to let somebody else waste a bench spot. There's just that little tingling hope that he'll be available and usable in the last couple of weeks. If he's out wk13 too though I think we're at the point where even that is not worth the risk.
  10. Hi everyone, I'm on Yahoo. I made a waiver claim this weekend to process tonight. The player in my IR slot since changed to "Q" from "O". Will Yahoo reject the claim? It doesn't involve the player in the IR spot. Thanks!
  11. To change the subject, I have a Yahoo question. If you place a waiver claim while a player in your IR slot is "Out" then they subsequently change to "Questionable", will it automatically reject that claim when it tries to process it? The trade does not involve that player, but will presumably leave an invalid line-up unless I go in to change things. I can work around it, but would like to not have to get up at 4am if possible.
  12. Well I was feeling good about being 37pts ahead with Godwin against his Evans and Higbee. Then I looked at week 2, where they outscored Godwin by 45.80pts. Let’s not go there, please.
  13. Hi everyone. My money league has already passed the trade deadline, so I'm somewhat locked in. Dalvin Cook, Aaron Jones and James Conner are probably set at RB1, RB2 and FLEX ROS, but here are the other guys. Who would you play this week at WR1, WR2, and FLEX? Chris Godwin v LAR Kenny Golladay @ Car Tee Higgins @ Was Robby Anderson v Det Robert Woods @ TB Antonio Brown v LAR Jamaal Williams @ Ind Antonio Gibson v Cin Choosing three from these guys is probably going to be a nightmare ROS. I'm almost hoping that AB gets suspended.
  14. I know there's another game to come, but I'm done with today, so here goes. In league one, I need to quietly close the book on this week and move on. Hopefully nobody noticed what happened. I certainly didn't get my lowest score in years. Definitely not. In league two, I'm up by a point, thanks to Kyler's late magic. I have Dalvin Cook, he has Justin Jefferson, 0.5PPR. Obviously I'm the favorite, but both players are capable of a huge play, so I'm fairly nervous - it could be a crucial win. Anyone else ready for a big Monday night?
  15. Poor start/bench choice. I don't mean me leaving Tee Higgins on the bench this week instead of Robby Anderson or Robert Woods, because that's an entirely reasonable decision. mean leaving Beasley on the bench because he's had a couple of bad weeks and throwing on Danny Amendola because "I've got a feeling". Or, in the same league, benching Chark at the last minute for Beasley last week. Those are the ones that piss me off - when I've made a very late change that costs me the game. Losing on the last play hurts, studs screwing up hurts, close losses hurt, but when you had it in your hands
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