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  1. Pistons play OKC/WAS in their b2b, he is sitting one of those games for sure. So you get two games out of him mid week when you can just stream his spot to maximize games played on Monday and Tuesday, seems like a pretty easy decision to me 🤷‍♂️
  2. Pistons have three games next week, their first being on Wednesday. They also have a b2b. If your playoffs start next week he's an easy drop.
  3. Jokic from Serbia, Poku from Serbia Can't spell Pokusevski without KI, can't spell Jokic without KI Jokic playmaker, Poku playmaker Jokic MVP, Poku future MVP It's that simple yall
  4. Wall playing for a contract he's never going to get. Take your vet min and keep it moving already
  5. Lol this guy is washed. Stop falling for this ish
  6. If you're still using rotoworld blurbs in 2021 to make roster decision you're doing it wrong.
  7. How about Harden, FVV, Nurkic, Beasley, Brogdon and Fournier all in a few days during fantasy playoffs 🤣
  8. I'm not convinced either guys are ROS holds in H2H leagues. Pistons have 3 games next week and their first game is on Wednesday. If you're fighting for a playoff spot or your league playoffs start next week (yahoo default settings) both Plumlee/Stewart are drops at the end of the week. Personally Ill be dropping Plumlee on Saturday after the first game of the b2b and Stewart on Sunday to open up an additional streaming spot.
  9. I have neither players so I have no horse in this race was merely pointing out Boucher does have some value particularly in punt builds. Looks like they stat corrected his 7 stocks last game which I saw on the live stat tracker last time I checked.
  10. To be fair, Bobby Boucher just had a 7 stock game
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